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Elbows – The Most Ignored in a Beauty Regimen

Updated on April 5, 2011

Warm breezes and bright sunshine are just around the corner. It is time to get ready for short-sleeved shirts and sandals. As most of us ladies know, a pedicure is a must-have before you slip your feet into a pair of sandals. But did you know that your elbows need some extra tender loving care before you don that first short-sleeved shirt of the season?

I never gave much thought to the condition of my elbows until the other day when I caught a glimpse of them in the mirror. They were dark, dry and just plain ugly. I thought I picked up some type of skin disease. How can I go around looking like this? After close examination, which by the way is difficult to do without a mirror, I realized that my elbows were suffering from neglect. They were getting a cursory swipe of soap and water in the daily shower but beyond that no other attention at all. It was time to change all that. Warm weather will be here soon and I want to be ready. After the awful winter the northeast had this year…how many snowstorms did we have? I lost count after 20! I have been counting the days to wearing, short-sleeved shirts and flip flops. I could not ruin this vision by having dry and flaky elbows.

The next day in the shower, I attacked my elbows with a brown sugar body scrub. No more unsightly elbows for me. I didn’t rub too hard because I have sensitive skin and I didn’t want to aggravate the problem. After my shower, I dried off and applied a moisturizer specially made for dry skin. The one I chose had alpha hydroxy in it. I had been using that lotion all winter because my hands dry out pretty quickly and this seems to be the only thing that works to keep them moist and smooth. I figured it could help my elbows. There wasn’t much improvement but I kept this routine up every other day for the next two weeks. My elbows improved greatly. The exfoliation and lotion were helping my elbows to be summer-ready.

Elbows are probably the most ignored part of a woman’s beauty regimen. With a little effort, exfoliation and a good moisturizer you can be proud of baring your elbows this summer season. Enjoy the sun, the surf and your gorgeous elbows this summer. You deserve it!


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