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Elizabeth Arden Or Love Scent - Choose the best

Updated on September 5, 2011


There are numerous branded perfumes available in the market, but very few firms can match the characteristics and fragrance of Elizabeth Arden perfumes. Some of them, such as Love Scent have created colognes and perfumes to match Elizabeth Arden, but can they do it?


Elizabeth Arden skin care products are carefully formulated to suit every skin. The firm caters products not just for regular use, but they have perfumes for every season. They even have creations for travellers. Small perfume sets are a joy to carry during a vacation. Women, in particular, will find perfumes created exclusively to sooth their senses.

Men and women will find cologne chests very attractive. Importantly, even Elizabeth Arden skin care products have a touch of fragrance hard to match. Buyers can choose to buy products online. The site has descriptive content to explain each and every product listed on their site.

Elizabeth Arden

Elizabeth Arden with its years of experience in creating perfumes offers wide range of products. Though, the products are designed for high end users, yet, the prices have never been very steep. The firm sells every kind of skin care products, yet, its perfume stands apart, stored in beautiful toy chests. Elizabeth Arden sells exclusive perfumes for men and women. Buy a perfume chest as a gift for someone very close.

The best feature is its guaranteed money back policy of 30 days for unsatisfied buyers, which leads them to purchase perfumes fearlessly. Perfumes can be purchased for even less than $35. However, free shipping is only available for items, which starts at $35 and above.

Love scent

Love scent creates rare Pheromones, which are both scented and unscented. Pheromones act as aphrodisiac and have the ingredients to increase the sexual urge in men and women. What is striking about Love scent is its offering of large number of products, and that too, at a very reasonable price. Price of love scent perfumes starts at $7.95 and therefore, they are popular among low end users. They also create perfumes for high end users. Top Love scent perfumes carry a maximum price tag of $59.95.

Love scent perfumes are specialized aphrodisiacs, and therefore, have a romantic tinge in its scent. The firm also makes cologne for all season use.


Elizabeth Arden perfumes are by far the best. To be fair, Love Scent fragrance sets does not even stand a close second. Free shipping associated with Elizabeth Arden products clearly provides more reasons for buyers to buy them. It not just saves money, but builds trust and confidence on the product and its manufacturer.

Love Scent perfumes have a romantic inclination, and perhaps, all their products act as a sexual catalyst. They lack quality products for all season use. Though, Love Scent perfumes are priced reasonably, still they fail to arouse the aura associated with Elizabeth Arden’s product. Buyers find difficult to ignore the reputation of Elizabeth Arden and its luxurious perfume chests.


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