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Elegant Elle MacPherson Lingerie For Men

Updated on October 13, 2009

Elle MacPherson, aside from being one of the original super models that I can remember, has also had a line of lingerie for at least twenty years or so. Unlike most celebrity lines that are conceived in a rash of debt and borderline retarded behavior only to close a few months later when it turns out nobody actually wants to wear someone else's face on their legs, Elle's line has not only withstood the test of time, but grown and flourished in a way few might believe.

Elle MacPherson lingerie tends to be delicate, very feminine and also quite innovative. The designers push the limits with each new collection, creating something more special than the last.

Today's article covers two of the newer Elle MacPherson lingerie collections and one of the older ones which wrapped itself around me and demanded that I write about it.

My only real complaint about Elle MacPherson lingerie is that it seems to often push the wearer towards the g-string / thong option, which is fine if you happen to like G-Strings and thongs, but not so great if you become irritated by having a piece of thin fabric trying to wedge itself between your cheeks like an angry little ninja.

Treasured Bra and Panty Set

Ahoy me hearties. There be treasure ahead! Treasure and plenty of lace! Again a lingerie designer somewhere on this great planet has convinced me to write about some lingerie which I would have to say is really starting to border on the dreaded beige. It's alright though, because the bra is covered in delicate tattoo mesh lace, and so is a large part of the panties. The panties come in either a thong / g-string or tanga cut, which makes it all okay.

Recollection Bra and Panty Set

The recollection bra and panty set walks the line between sexy, cute and quirky. With lace trimmed cups and a sweet little bow, you might at first be fooled into thinking that this is just another sweet little floral lingerie set, good only for wearing about and feeling good. You'd be wrong of course, for on closer inspection, what is depicted upon these bra and panties is not your run of the mill floral motif, but images of innocent days gone by.

Cup Cake Bra and Panty Set

Lace makes another vigorous come back in the cup cake bra and panty set, which actually comes in two styles. The one you see before you, which I chose for its dramatic look, and a more demure style with a white panel and pink lace rather than a pink panel and black lace. Lovers of lace who also enjoy modern styles will fall in love with these panties which are, believe it or not – a g string! Fortunately, you can also buy bikini panty that goes with the bra that looks much the same apart from the fact that it doesn't leave your derriere bare to the winds.


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    • profile image


      9 years ago

      Have you seen Wolbar before too Hope?

      BeCheeky have some great knickers! :)

    • profile image


      9 years ago

      I love EM lingerie!!! I also like some of the old Esona stuff, and Bendon, which is like EM - they are partners with her I think. I have found some nice EM lingerie on eBay that I've not seen online elsewhere - worth looking on eBay. zodee, figleaves and le perla are my favorite sites, though the later doesn't sell Elle's stuff. Elle Machperson "white" was a great set, frilly and really stretchy, I highly recommend - a string, shorts and a cami - really nice!

      Thanks Hope, have a great day!!!


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