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Lola Style: Embrace Your Style with Bracelets

Updated on June 11, 2013

Bracelets are essentials for accessories lovers. There are a wide selection and types which can improve your appearance from a casual outing to a girl's wild night out. However, which one is best for your style? Look it up!

Link Bracelets
Link Bracelets | Source


Bracelets are great to be worn and the easiest of all to match is the link type. Link bracelets are made from connected chains. There are vast selections of colors that you can choose from and designers nowadays had mixed them with fabrics to enhance the feminine look.

However, the size of the chains does play a role too. Bigger, silverish chains can be related to punk or goth style. While, opting for smaller chains creates a preppy, artsy and casual look.

Best worn: Casual outing, Hanging Out, Class, Dinner, Social Gathering, Girl's Night Out

Get edgy with the cuffs!
Get edgy with the cuffs! | Source


A cuff bracelet is a huge fashion statement. Most importantly, the design and shape are unique themselves. A wide cuff bracelet has a way of showing more patterns on it with everlasting elemental look or conjure exotic vibe.

A lady who wears cuff usually perceived as illuminating power. The outlook and the glamorous style bring the attention to her. Perhaps, the gleaming shines enhance the sexy appearance, and unconsciously vibrates seduction.

There are voluminous designs that scream bossy yet classy character. Girls, are you ready to dominate the world?

Best worn: Dinner, Party, Themed Party, Girl's Night Out, Special Date

Beads... colorful beads.
Beads... colorful beads.


Beads can be in many forms and shapes. A splash of colors on the wrist can be attractive and at the same time, very stylish. Tiny beads claim for feminity and bigger ones scream confidence. Pearls, on the other hand, reflects elegance and regal look.

Beaded bracelet can be your DIY project since it's very easy to make one. You can go to any craft stores and design your personal bracelet. There are also craft kits that show you how you can start designing one. It all depends on your imagination to start becoming your own jewelers.

Best Worn: Dinner, Casual Outing, Party, Social Gathering, High-Tea

Stay young!
Stay young!


You want to be part of the younger society? This is a type for you. Sometimes, wristband-type is more like a campign-friendly bracelet. You can have some words printed on it and they are very cheap. Many youngsters love to express their opinions by wearing this. It's like a trend and the choice of colors of any shade is endless.

Another style that rocks this type is the woven style. It's very earthly-looking, yet, attention-grabbing. The tones accentuates the wearer, not to mention, high-quality material polishes up the overall look of a chic fashionista.

Among the youth culture, this type of bracelet can also be exchanged as "Friendship Band". It is to rejoice the clique and partnership.

Best Worn: Casual Outing, Class, Social Gathering

Spring is here!
Spring is here!


A woman's attach to floral design describes her femininity. The type speaks for itself, as the curves and the arrangement of the patterns dangle on the wrist. Countless designs had emerged basing on nature and flower is essentially a part of it.

Back in the ancient times, a flower around wrist, or corsage, symbolizes respect and honor. As time passes by, jewellery designers opt for this idea and create mesmerizing floral bracelets. It is also a suitable gift for a special lady in your life. Be it your mother or your wife. Or simply your bestfriend.

Best Worn: Weddings, Picnic at the Park, Casual Outing, Special Dates

Reveal your hidden personality.
Reveal your hidden personality.


Classic and confidence. Honoring a single pendant to clearly state your fashion style is very daring. A woman who chooses this type of bracelet holds a specific mission in her life. The pendant may bring the hidden personality of the wearer.

A single dangling pendant is an attention grabber. Wearing one attached to the links or wraps give an impression on your style and overall look. Of course, if you have something dangling at your wrist, do not wear the same type for your earrings. Do not be greedy. Choose one flailing type at a time.

Best Worn: Casual Outing/Date, Class, Work

They bring back those sweet memories.
They bring back those sweet memories.


Have you ever rummaged your old treasure box and looked at the little things that you own? They remind you of your long-gone childhood. Charm bracelets reminisce the past. It brings back old memories.

A hybrid of Link and Pendant Bracelet, each pendant attached to the links carry stories behind it. The ribbon or heart shape may symbolizes pure love. While a pendant of Eiffel Tower could be hope and dreams. Yet, the hand-picked pendants can be anything of personal preference.

Charm bracelets, as it is called, bring charms. The wearer can be described as a sentimentalist and sweet in nature. A girl who has a lot of dreams would appreciate wearing one everyday. Get to know the person. There is a lot to dig from a charming girl.

Best Worn: Daily (as a charm), Wedding, Baby Shower, Casual Outing, Family Gathering, Speed Dating (it can be part of the conversation)


Do you like wrapping strings? If you're out of hip accessories to go out, this is the easiest way for your emergency fashion dilemma. Look for a string, that is still in a good condition and wrap it around your wrist! It's a fashion savior and you still look fab and stylish!

Mostly worn by younger generation, it is still considered as emerging fashion statement as the wearers are conforming to their personal identity. Since it's very affordable, you can include it into your accessory collection!

For an instant DIY, get a ribbon, a leather strap, colorful yarns, or even used cords to be the main wrap. Next, you can tie a fancy knot or glue in glitters. Or just let it be. There you go, you get your instant bracelet.

Best Worn: Casual Outing, Class, Night Out, Hanging Out

It's a wrap!
It's a wrap!

Which type of bracelet connects to your fashion style?

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