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Emo Hairstyles - Your Own Style

Updated on October 13, 2011
Emo hairstyle
Emo hairstyle

EMO includes its own fashion, attitude and values with the different hairstyles. When you are looking for emo hairstyles, it should be something that fits in with your style. You should not try to copy anyone, because this will only make you look like a poser. Emo haircuts are distinctive with jet black hair or really light blonde hair that has bold highlights. When you are mo, you will be standing out from the crowd. Often times, these hairstyles are experiments that are created by friends rather than a style that is created in a parlor. You can even create your own emo style! All you have to have is some dye, razor and a pair of scissors.

With these styles anything will go. Just make sure it does not look like something a prom king or queen would drag in. The bolder the effect, the better the look is going to be. The best thing about these styles is the fact that you do not have to worry about the dye job looking natural.

This when someone has an emo style, it is obvious that their hair is dyed. As for the edges of your hair, you could touch them up a bit with some frosted highlights, blue or purple, but you need to make sure those colors shine through the black dye.

Emo hairstyle with some streaks
Emo hairstyle with some streaks

How to Get Emo Hair

To get one of these styles, you do not need to go to a professional stylist. It is so easy that you can use your sisters kindergarten scissors. You should not worry about your hair not being even. The more asymmetrical it is, the better it is going to be. In fact, many of these styles features lopsided hair.

Many shave all of their hair in the back and leave hair only on the sides and top. This is perfect for guys. For those type of styles, it would be a good idea to utilize electric shears that are used for military haircuts.

Even if you cut off a lot of your hair, you still need to make sure you have some locks hanging down in front of your eyes. A lot of these emo styles consist of the hair hanging down in the eyes. At times, "normal" people wonder how they can see, but we cross the road just fine each time.

Shaggy emo hair
Shaggy emo hair

Shaggy or Spiky?

The emo hairstyles you choose should definitely be shaggy. Sometimes, it can be spiky. Whatever you do, you need to make sure it is a style that screams your personality and not someone else. Generally, these styles do not require you to copy anyone.

If you have never gone emo before, then you need to change into it slowly and not just do it overnight. Start by dying your hair jet black or platinum blonde and a couple weeks later, add some streaks. We know you are going to enjoy your emo hairstyle just as much as we do. Remember, you should always keep a bottle of gel or strong hold spray around for your style. Do not brush it.


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