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Enchanted Blue Diamond Chapter 4

Updated on November 9, 2017

Diamond Crystal Minerals (Hexoctahedral)

Deep down within the dark sea of diamond crystal minerals. Princess Blue Diamond and the Gem Collector both held on to the eagle feathers on its back and dived into the deep blue diamond crystal minerals. The eagle flaps its wings and guiding the way. The Gem Collector was worried he will not breath under diamond minerals without a oxygen tank, so he kept his mouth open, while bubbles will flow out his mouth. "Princess Blue Diamond kept reassuring him, just breath normal, don't be afraid"! She says to him as they both held on tight onto the eagle. Princess Blue Diamond body tilled back at the Gem Collector, she squeezes his hands and says to him, it's OK"! He held on closer behind her, wrapped his arms around her waist. Off their were in the darkest hour deep within the diamond crystal minerals.

Spinning Fast

In the far distance there seem to be a under cave. We are getting closer says Princess Blue Diamond! The closer the eagle flew to the cave. "Is that a door? asked the Gem Collector, as he noticed many tiny pearls covering the door. It shined a light leading the way to the entrance. Look out! says Princess Blue Diamond pointed her finger toward the cave entrance". A crystal diamond mineral tornado appeared. Swoosh! spinning with high speed heading directly for them. The Eagle along with the Gem Collector and Princess Blue Diamond are in a spinning wheel within the crystal diamond mineral tornado.

Pulling Away

The Eagle quickly held Princess Blue Diamond and The Gem Collector into its claws, to protect them from pulling away into tornado. The Eagle pushes upward straight out of the diamond crystal mineral into another diamond facet. Where are we? as the Gem Collector opens his eyes laying on his back, to weak to get up. He looked over to his left and saw Princess Blue Diamond laying beside him, but she wasn't awake. He whispered, wake up! Are you alive? Trying to gain his strength, so he turn on his side and drag himself closer to her. He held her hands and called out, Princess, are you OK? She looked over at him and says I'm OK! What's going on? asked the Gem Collector. I don't know says Princess Blue Diamond.

The Power to Open Facets

So they both looked around them and saw they are in a facet with I1,I2,I3 grading of a diamond, which means a lot of inclusions. Big thick black crystallized carbon spots and streaks all around them. Why are we here? yelled out the Gem Collector, as he held his key up and says again why are we here? The key spin out of his hands and pasted on the diamond facet, creating an opening leading to the science lab. The Gem Collector held out his hands, leaned toward Princess Blue Diamond to a stand and they both walked into another facet. The facet has a long tunnel with swirling crystal diamond mineral tornado spinning preventing from flowing in. Are we walking inside a spinning crystal diamond mineral tornado to get to the lab? says the Gem Collector! This is a new entrance, you have the key to open new facets says Princess Blue Diamond!

Look into the Scope

It is the end of the tunnel and the opening of what was viewed are remarkable. Princess Blue Diamond and the Gem Collector entered the lab. Diamonds shapes of all kinds floating inside the facet, bouncing around like air bubbles. Wow he says, call them by name of their shape she says. Heart! The heart diamond came floating above the Gem Collectors head. Hold it she says! The Gem Collector held the diamond of 12 carats, Flawless D's of Brilliance. This is amazing he says! They are diamond floaters for new born babies. Every baby in the whole entire world a diamond belongs to them. Some babies did not get theirs. That's why I believe from these studies inside this diamond we are covered data since BC to the 1400's, till now. Diamonds has created its own value to celebrations. My duties is to make sure these children are given their birth diamonds. Come closer and look into this scope says Princess Blue Diamond.


The Gem Collector looked into the scope and saw the United States Virgin Islands Flag inside the heart Diamond. "Emerald! says the Gem Collector. The Emerald diamond came floating over his head. He held the diamond and placed it under the scope of 12 carats Flawless D' Brilliance. "Wow, there is a Virgin Island flag inside the Emerald too, says the Gem Collector"! Yes, all these diamonds will have the Virgin Island Flag inside them, says Princess Blue Diamond! But tell me Princess, how is it possible to have entered into this diamond? asked the Gem Collector. Look around you, it is brilliance, it is life, diamonds have life, happiness, enjoyment, care, love and as a princess I'm going to make sure every child will have a diamond that shines to a future of greatness. Come with me, there is a stairway heading up to another facet. I have to show you what's behind the stoppage of trying to end diamond love, says Princess Blue Diamond.

Be continued..........

Captain DAG

Hello There!

Are you enchanted? Rrrr... for the Captain that tells the stories, I am thankful to have visionary story enchantments to share with my audiance. To delight in fascination of diamonds, a journey within a diamond that leads to love in a diamond its self. See why the world has captivated magistical love to its value since decades ago, chariots, black nights, kings palace and the enchanted meaning to its exsistance. Enchanted Blue Diamond are series of short chapters told in folkstales. Dont be spelled, be enchanted of Brilliance. The stories will be told and the Captains has spoken. Enjoy, as the next chapter will go into the curious side of diamonds.

Are you Enchanted?

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