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Enchanting Lace Stockings and Pantyhose For Men

Updated on October 13, 2009

Stockings are almost always visions of nylon, but a little lace in the right place can transform an everyday pair of stockings into something truly special. Lace pantyhose and stockings come in two kinds, the kind where lace serves as a trim, and the kind where lace is incorporated into the design of the stocking or pantyhose as a whole. Both styles of lace hosiery have their place in any aficionado's wardrobe.

The stockings in this article are all looking for loving homes. Do you have room in your stocking drawer for just one more pair of stockings? They promise they'll be good and not burn the house down, though the heat they'll generate will be significant. Oh yeah, these stockings are HOT.

Wide Lace French Stockings

From, there are these Genevieve Wide Lace French stockings, which I think are absolutely gorgeous. The lace tops are 5 ½ inches long, which is more lace than you'll see on most stockings. Adding greatness to awesomeness is the fact that these stockings come in what are described as being 'generously long' sizes, (hint: that means they will fit a man's long legs very well indeed.

1st Fantasies Floral Lace Pantyhose

Now if you insist on your hosiery being entirely lace, this pair of pantyhose should do the trick. The floral pattern runs from the tip of the toe all the way up to the waistband, covering the wearer in pretty lacy flowers. These stockings are suitable for workplace wear, night wear, any where you want to wear them.

Victorian Lace Pantyhose

If you prefer your pantyhose with a little more Victorian stiffness, then the Victorian Trading Company ( has something you'll love. These lace filigree pantyhose are simply adorable, and will look great with petticoats or more modern clothing as well. You will however, need to keep in mind that these are Victorian style stockings and will need to be treated with the propriety they deserve.

Spider Lace Pantyhose

I own a pair of these, and they are awesome when you want to rock a little bit of a gothic look. These come from Leg Avenue, popular supplier of alternative hosiery at very reasonable prices. Seriously, if you're looking for interesting, unique stockings or pantyhose at an affordable price, it's hard to go past Leg Avenue. You don't get say, Wacoal quality, but you get stockings that look absolutely amazing and definitely set you apart from the beige and charcoal armies which roam the world, spreading blandness as far as the eye can see.


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    • profile image


      8 years ago

      I own a pair of the wide lace french stockings from stockinggirl in size queen2, and the fit and feel are wonderful.

    • profile image


      8 years ago

      love weahing fully fashiond stockings with smooth waxed leggs and heels

    • profile image


      9 years ago

      I love the lace, but I am not ready to shave my legs to accommodate for the purpose of wearing them. Now I do love a little lace in my panties though.

    • profile image


      9 years ago

      Voodoo's lace top stockings also have a huge lace top to them. Though not sold everywhere I'm pretty sure they're in Aussie, and definitely in my homeland, NZ. I think Levante make very nice stockings too. I love wearing stockings and a nice suspender belt, they feel so nice and keep me warm :)

      I think after seeing those nice floral lace pantyhose I'll be investing too - thanks Hope!


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