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Enhancing Your Look with Hair Extensions

Updated on August 26, 2012

We all need a formula to create better features in ourselves. Whether is it losing some weight or just changing some part of our personality, there is always something that needs changing. Hair is one of our prominent defining characteristics. If it is styled just the right way it makes a difference in the way people see our personalities, and the way we feel.

Not everyone has wonderful hair, and not everyone can style their hair flawlessly to create the ideal aura. That is where hair extensions enter the picture. Hair extensions can make a difference in a person’s appearance. Which type of hair extension should be used? Should it be Natural Human Hair extensions or Synthetic hair extensions? Read on and identify what is needed to choose the right type of hair extension.

Human Hair


· The good thing about human hair extensions is that it is human hair and it is versatile. It blends beautifully with a person’s natural hair, and it can be processed in different ways.

· Human hair can be curled, blow dried, dyed, and flat ironed. Human hair extensions can be used to cover up chemically damaged hair, and it allows some healing time for hair that needs to recover from chemical mistakes.

· Human hair extensions can last for a very long time and they can be worn for a longer amount of time than synthetic hair.


· Just like natural hair, human hair extensions need maintenance constantly. If the weather is warm and curls are needed, the curling iron has to be used several times during the day.

· Have you ever heard the saying “you get what you paid for” well, with human hair this is the truth. Human hair extensions are expensive and the higher the price a person pays for it, the better the quality is.

Synthetic Hair


· Synthetic Hair requires less maintenance, if a person would like curly hair for the whole day, the synthetic hair maintains its shape whether it is raining, hot, or cold.

· The state of the economy requires intellect when dealing with beauty products. Synthetic hair is more affordable than the human hair extensions.


· It is difficult to style certain synthetic hair extensions. This type of hair is not as compliant as human hair. Many synthetic hair types are not resistant to heat.

· Synthetic hair extensions do not blend in with natural human hair as easily as the human hair extensions.

· Synthetic hair does not provide different textures for diverse hair types and cultures.

When it comes to changing the way a person looks, hair extensions are the best solution. Adding hair extensions does not have to be complicated. Simple clip-in hair extensions can be used. As to which one should be chosen, that is up to the individual and their personal taste. Working with hair extensions provides a wide variety of choices and styles.


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