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Enjoy Six Colors of Adventure with BRG’s Apple iWatch Band

Updated on February 19, 2017

I am not kidding! You can wear your Apple iwatch in six different colors every day without spending too much. If you are a person who is fond of matching your accessories with your outfit then look at what I found you.

I have been crazy about iWatch bands and I have written about almost all types (leather, rubber, Milanese, stainless, etc.) of it during my last hubs. It wasn’t because I like to collect all of it but I just needed to voice out what is inside my mind during the times I have come across each product. They are just amazingly awesome that I think I might get sick if I will not share it to the world.

Today, I found another type of iwatch band which is I am sure, somebody from you will be attracted with. It is from BRG, one of the numerous sellers of gadget accessories online. Their iwatch band is sold in Black, Brown, Midnight Blue, Red, Storm Gray and White.

Play with colors.
Play with colors.

Why Match Your Accessories with Your Outfit

Do you know that some go out wearing blue color all over? It doesn’t need to be the same shade as long as it is blue. This fashion sense applies with some colors such as red, black, green, yellow, etc. While others like to match their accessory color with their outfits, some also consider matching various colors as long as they go well together. Either of the above are you, BRG’s iwatch band of six colors may be a great help to you in your fashion adventure.

Why do you really need to match your accessories with your outfit anyway? Well, for me the answer is just so clear. I do not want to look funny or just look inappropriate. Aside from the colors, you also have to consider the look of your accessory. Does it look very formal for your casual attire or vice versa? Then choose for other options. You may also want to omit the accessory too if it is getting on your way to the perfect look you want to achieve.

Match your accessory with your outfit.
Match your accessory with your outfit.

Find an Accessory that Goes Just About Any Outfit You Have

I live simple and I do not want to invest a lot of money just for accessories. Do you feel me? If you do then find for an accessory that may fit in with any outfit inside your wardrobe. Look for something that can be worn with a casual or formal attire or can also be worn even when you are working out. My pick of BRG’s iwatch band which is made of leather loop can be worn anytime and anywhere. Its magnetic closure makes your iwatch very easy to wear and remove. It also helps you fit your watch because of its precision and the soft leather does not leave any mark on your arm wrist. Buy any color of your choice through the link below or rather buy all the colors (because it is offered at a very cheap price).


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