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Eren Jeager, The New "It" Cosplay

Updated on May 9, 2014

The End of An Era

During the last Anime Boston I attended in 2007, I can say with certainty that I saw InuYasha walk past me with his look-alikes at least ten times. Rounding the corners of the large convention halls, I expected to run into large meetups of silvery-white hair and red kosodes and hakamas. Never did I ever think that these near-mobs would ever disappear. Yet they did. And someone has taken their place.

Enter Eren Yeager, a titan-fighting youth defending his home with fellow Survey Corps soldiers. He and his companions, Mikasa Ackerman and Armin Arlert, have taken over in mini-mobs at the convention. With leather jackets and three-dimensional maneuver gear, the characters of Attack on Titan (Japanese:Shingeki no Kyojin) have replaced the InuYashas of the past.

Expected Change

It should have come to no surprise to me that within the past seven years some things would have changed. Perhaps I was just stuck in the past, thinking that InuYasha would be there to stay. Or that Naruto would take over. But I never expected the sensation that was Attack on Titan and the effect it has had on the cosplaying community.

There were not just Erens and Mikasas and Armins. There were titans at Anime Boston. Some with fully hand-made costumes, some with premade muscle-printed stretch suits. It was amazing to see that the anime I was diligently waiting for every Saturday night to be subtitled had become such a phenomenon. The English premiere was showcasing that weekend, voice actors were in attendance, and everyone wanted a little piece of the Attack on Titan franchise.

In some ways it made me nostalgic for the past, wanting to spot a silver and red group somewhere, anywhere, to know that I wasn't that out of touch. In other ways, I am happy to see new anime taking hold in such a way that InuYasha and Naruto had. Just watch out for that three-dimensional gear.

The Masquerade

The Masquerade has always been a highlight of the Anime Boston weekends. I myself used to dream of creating a cosplay great enough, and gaining the courage needed, to perform at the Masquerade. This year, Eren graced the stage in two different Attack on Titan groups; to the right, Eren and company on cleaning duty with a Roomba, and on the bottom, a dance act featuring the crew.

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