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Ion Watches: The Hot SPORT WATCH FOR 2011

Updated on April 22, 2012

The Rundown

I love to read about hot trends that are sweeping across America. Often it fascinates me when a simple product or fashion trend becomes a big hit or a must have product. Recently i have noticed a few kids and adults having these bright colored sport watches. One person told me he thought it was going to be the next hit product. So one day I did some research and read that Ion sports watches were huge in Europe and now were coming to America. However,  I found myself having a lot of questions. What is Ion technology? Why should I buy one of these watches? These are questions we are going to explore in the next segments.

What Is Negative Ion Technology? Lets Keep it Simple

This is the general idea behind negative ion technology. Ions are charged particles, either positive or negative, that attain a charge through the loss or gain of electrons. A positiver ion has fewer electrons than protons, resulting in a net positive electrical charge. Negative ions contain additional electrons, which provide a negative electrical charge. Positive or negative ions enter the body, as do other air molecules, through inhalation.

Where are IONS? -- Ions are created by natural or man made atmospheric conditions. Electrical equipment that produces a significant amount of electrical current produces a significant amount of positive Ions.

In contrast, there are many natural conditions that increase the amount of negative ions. There is an increase of negative ion levels in the air in forests, the beach,  and near water falls.  Being exposed to a lot of Negative ions appears to balance our body and give us more energy. HMM... Could this be one of the reasons why we generally feel much better when we are in these types of environments?

What does this all mean?-- Frequent exposure to electrical operation has been reported in studies to cause a feeling of fatigue and illness. It is said that these negative feelings are caused by  positive ions being emmited  by the electrical apparatus. Being that we are surrounded by technology everyday(computers etc.) it is easy to see how we could inhale a lot of positive ions all day.  Thus, being exposed to a lot of  positive ions has a negative effect on out bodies.

Since negative ions appear to contribute to a positive change in mood and behavior it would be a good thing to be exposed more of them. Thus, wearing a watch infused with negative ion technology will help balance out our bodies by giving us more negative ions and as a result give us more energy.


Who produces Ion watches? Why should I buy one

Ion watches seem to be becoming the hot trend right now for kids, teenagers, and adults. Esso, Imazine, Wooloot, and Tourlamine are some of the big producers of these colorful watches. These Ion watches have a lot of good things going for them. They come in many bright colors, look cool, have a practical use, have possible health benefits and are very inexpensive. Does negative Ion technology really work? I have read a lot of positive reviews on Amazon about these watches so there might be something to it. However, at the very least, everyone can enjoy having a watch that looks cool and is inexpensive.

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