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Even people with bad skin can have overnight results with SkinOwl

Updated on January 16, 2016

SkinOwl eye+ nourishing & stimulating eye concentrate

SkinOwl is a skin care brand developed in Hollywood by former makeup artist and cosmetic chemist Annie Tevlin. The brand has won rave reviews by leading beauty bloggers and vloggers. Tevlin created the line as a consumer herself, wanting products that have a sensual feel and scent, as well as fairly instant results. I was happy to be hosted to experience it!

Tevlin -- who has a gorgeously perfect complexion today -- recalls that she had terrible acne and eczema. She grew tired of the "hope in a bottle" type of promises she heard from cosmetics counter saleswomen. In fact, if you check out her blog on the website, it's pretty amazing for all the non-product oriented beauty tips she lists. You'll find instructions for making body scrubs, facial steams, beauty juices and snacks, etc. Most of these suggestions don't involve purchasing any of her stock.

SkinOwl is packaged quite simply, in brown cardboard boxes that may be from recycled paper --- they certainly are recyclable. The product itself is filled in plain dark-tinted glass jars. Tinted glass jars, as basic as they may seem, are actually the gold standard when it comes to housing skin care creations that have natural ingredients, including essential oils. The dark glass prevents light from penetrating the creams and disintegrating the vital components. Glass doesn't break down into the product the way plastic eventually will. You just have to be careful in packing SkinOwl items if you're traveling and take care not to drop them on your bathroom floor.

eye+ nourishing & youth stimulating eye concentrate is an interesting skincare product for puffy eyes. It incorporates Hyaluronic acid, periwinkle, licorice, aloe and lots of silk amino acid/pre-proteins in a jelly-like (they call it a gel) consistency. They suggest that the product is to be applied both am and pm, which implies it's good for puffy eyes in the morning and moisturizing dry, crepe-y eyes in the pm. "Instantly" or "overnight" is a tall order for beauty products, so how did it work out for me?

The gel has a light, fresh cucumber scent. The ingredients feel quite refreshing, yet soothing -- not brisk like a peppermint product would be. They advise patting it around the eye, blending inward from the outer corner. Though I applied quite a bit, with its water content, it didn't feel gooey or greasy. It absorbs right in and absolutely will not affect your being able to apply makeup within a minute or so. After the cooling sensation, then there's a bit of tightening: you can feel the excess water and puffiness being drained out of your eye orbital area. They claim that it's aloe that provides the "silkening" effect. Your skin will be dry to the touch, very smooth. This is not a product that seeps into your eyes (which makes for puffier eyes). I used it all around my eye and on the lids, though not too near the lashes.

With eye+, you can probably feel comfortable skipping any eye primer product. That's a great advantage in warm situations: sitting by a fireplace, on stage with hot lights, at the beach or other situations in which you may perspire or get oily. Fewer creamy layers make for a longer lasting, sheerer application of colored eye shadow. It also makes for a smoother application of eyeliner -- easier to "tightline", smoke out, wing, art design, etc.

For an extra fresh sensation in the morning, keep your jar in the fridge overnight!


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