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Even sensitive skin people can start 2016 gorgeous with Suki

Updated on January 9, 2016

Suki skincare

Suki skin care proves that sensitive complexions can use powerful products

Suki is the name of a line of skin care -- and a real person -- that focuses on efficacious products for sensitive, irritated, allergic complexions. So often, products labeled as being for "sensitive skin" are too creamy, too watery, too lacking in active ingredients. Suki's point of difference is not merely being pure and made solely from botanical components, but they best many of the synthetic products on the market. I was happy to be hosted to experience them.

The line is divided into three categories: Rescue, for the most troubled faces; Care, for maintenance; Renew, for aging issues.

Concentrated Strengthening Toner is in the Care category. It's a mini-sized spray bottle that you could easily keep in a purse. One is instructed to apply it with organic cotton balls until your face is rosy. But you can also mix it with serums, moisturizers and other cosmetics to thin them and give them a non-oily finish. It has a bright, fresh herbal scent. It doesn't sting or burn in any way.

Facial oils are all the rage these days. But oily skin people used to feel like they had to miss out on the trend! That is, until Suki came along. Balancing Facial Oil is for combo to oily faces and decollete. It can be quite difficult to find a good product for decollete, because you don't want something greasing up your clothing or certainly, making you break out where you normally never would. This oil comes in a mini dropper bottle and you only need a drop or two at a time. Use this Care category of product after toner or mix with your foundation for a sheer, dewier makeup. It feels rich at first, but spreads and absorbs easily. You will not feel sweaty with this oil or further aggravate oily skin.

Everyone should wear an eye cream every night . . . it will help you stay younger looking, even when you're smiling all day! Ultra-Protect Eye Balm - Night is in the Renew category, but really, all ages can use it. It has a solid balm-wax consistency, but rub it with your finger for a more liquid, light oil-like application. It has a light citrus scent. In winter, when wind can tear and irritate the corners of your eyes, or if you tug at your eyes to insert contacts, or if your bedroom is dry, you'll feel and see the relief. Because it has such a light texture when applied, it won't seep around your eyes like most creams do, thus creating puffy eyes in the morning.

Tinted moisturizers are such a modern style of cosmetic, leaving a sheer, modern, natural finish, but until now, many people didn't think they could use them. After all, it was impossible to know the kind of moisturizer that was being used with the color. Would it be heavy or goopy? Oily or thin? Suki has solved that quandary and re-invented the category. Tinted Active Moisturizer is mostly pigment -- which is perfect for combo to oily skin. It lays down a medium level of coverage. But for a sheerer look or dewier look, add a drop of your favorite (Suki) moisturizer or oil and blend the two on the back of your thumb.


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      2 years ago

      Loved this line....used it for a few years and then formulas changed that caused skin issues...not for ultra sensitive skins....we sensitives are not all the same


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