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Experimenting with sunless tanning at home (tea)

Updated on September 29, 2012

Home Sunless Tanning Experiment

As many people out there, I have somewhat of a pale complexion and would love to have a nice base tan. I decided to look into some different ideas, in the past I have tried several self tanning products and most of them either are so light you don’t really see a difference or they turn your orange especially around hairlines and joints. I ran into some information so I decided to do my own research on it , try it out for myself. Have your ever heard about the self tanning theory using tea bags? I had, but never tried it but decided I would. So recently I sat down, thought it out and made a plan. I took notes and a few pictures so I could share my results, no matter the outcome.

Getting Ready

For my test I used small portions because I didn’t want to waste not knowing the results. 3 large tea bags, 2 cups of water, a sponge or gauze seemed to work. I simply prepared the tea similar to how I would when making some at home to drink. Brought the water to a boil then added the tea bags, kept it at a low boil for about 5 minutes. Turned it off and poured the tea in a bowl to cool (kept the tea bags in it).

The process

Before beginning, I took a quick shower, and exfoliated well to remove any dead skin etc... I let it sit long enough to cool from boiling to warm. It can be a little messy, so I decided to go on my porch for this experiment, brought my phone so as I sit I would have something to do to occupy my mind. I used gauze , soaked the gauze in the tea and simply wet my leg, lightly going up and down to cover every spot. I did find also that there is no special direction to put it on, you can dab, rub, circles or whichever your prefer, it seems to leave no streaks, which is a huge plus. I wet it down good, let it set for a few minutes and when it was almost dry I lighty rubbed it in with my hand to makes sure it was spread evenly. Allowed it to dry for approximately 5 minutes, then repeated the process. Keeping in mind that once rinsed or washed it would probably lighten, I repeated my process 10 times. I could see a big difference, as I only did one leg to test it. I decided to leave it without rinsing for several hours as I went about my day. Approximately 6 hours later I showered without exfoliating and to my surprise my skin remained a nice tinted color.

In Conclusion

The next morning when I woke, It seems most of the tint is gone, some remains, however there is no color appeared to rubbed off on my towel or sheets. It is still there but light. I did find it worked enough to where If you are looking for a quick tan for the day, this would be a great choice. So I am considering taking this experiment a step further, Once I do that I will share the steps I took and results.


After a fresh shower and exfoliating
After a fresh shower and exfoliating

After 10 applications- lightly rubbed on, let sit 5 minutes then repeat


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