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Zip thru Airport Security Checkpoints with Express Scan™ Computer Briefs & Backpacks

Updated on August 15, 2013
Mosaic Express Scan™ Backpack - Zip through security checkpoints
Mosaic Express Scan™ Backpack - Zip through security checkpoints
Mosaic Hermosa Express Scan™  Brief
Mosaic Hermosa Express Scan™ Brief
Mosaic Hermosa Express Scan™ Brief - Zip through security checkpoint
Mosaic Hermosa Express Scan™ Brief - Zip through security checkpoint
Mosaic Express Scan™ Slim Brief
Mosaic Express Scan™ Slim Brief
Mosaic Express Scan™ Brief - (shown in open position)
Mosaic Express Scan™ Brief - (shown in open position)
Mosaic Wheeled Express Scan™ Brief
Mosaic Wheeled Express Scan™ Brief

Have you ever experienced anxiety and/or aggravation while waiting to pass through an airport security checkpoint? The fact is, experienced business travelers seem to have the process down pat, and in many airports even have a special speed-through lane because of their status as an experienced (frequent) traveler. You might be asking yourself, how do I qualify for this status? Obviously it certainly sounds more attractive to avoid the high pedestrian lane if at all possible. Unfortunately, this status is earned by your air miles, so if you don't have frequent traveler status on the airline carrier you are traveling you won't have this coveted status clearly identified on your boarding pass.

The good news is that you can prepare for your security check point screening. The more prepared you are, the quicker the process, and the quicker you get through this high-stress experience. Be prepared to take off your shoes, remove your coat or jacket, take off your belt, remove your watch and jewelry, empty all pockets, and place your carry-on liquids in the (1) quart sized container with bottles not exceeding 3 oz. All bottles must fit in this 1 clear plastic container. Now for the most time consuming slow-down, what about your electronic devices?

Transportation Security Administration (TSA) will need to see your laptop computer, in most instances you are not asked to remove your iPad/Tablets/Kindle Readers, etc. The security checkpoints in the United States generally expect the laptop to be in a tray by itself with no other articles placed in the same tray. No matter how many times you pass through security checkpoints, this process will slow you down especially when combined with taking off your shoes, emptying your pockets, taking off your jacket, belt, watch and removing your 3-1-1 (clear plastic) cosmetic bag from your carry-on luggage. So is there a solution?

The National Luggage Dealers Association (NLDA) created the Express Scan™ feature in many of their deluxe business cases. This feature allows the airline passenger to expedite the process of passing through airport security without removing their computer from the briefcase, in most instances. This creative design allows the brief to open up like the wings of a butterfly. The computer remains in a dedicated compartment that houses the computer only.

To comply with TSA guidelines, the computer compartment can’t have anything else in the dedicated compartment and the view must be completely unobstructed. For security reasons, the TSA agent always retains the sole discretion to have the passenger remove the computer if they so specify. However, in most instances, this process can be avoided by remembering not to place any other articles in the dedicated compartment that will obstruct the view. In general, this time saving step is greatly coveted by the ‘computer-toting’ business travelers and students that are constantly searching for the most expeditious manner to pass through airport security.

The Express Scan™ feature can be found on many of the NLDA family of products including: Dilana™, Mosaic™, Dorado, Santa Fe and Vantaggio™. Additionally, the NLDA contracted with Tony Perotti Italy, to create an exclusive collection of Express Scan™ computer briefs in an eco-friendly vegetable tanned Italian Leather. Consequently, you will find this Express Scan™ feature in a wide assortment of product in a variety of price points.

This category of product is growing rapidly, and today the product is available in a wide assortment of styles. We have brands that now include this Express Scan™ feature in Wheeled Briefs, Computer Backpacks, Slim Computer Cases, Expandable Briefs, Messenger Bags, and Ladies Business Totes.

Keep in mind that this feature does not take away any functionality from the case. Consequently, if you won't be passing through airline security checkpoints, this feature doesn't take away any packing space or function from the business case. Finally, please be advised that if you plan on flying international, this feature is not yet recognized. As an international traveler, I know first hand that may countries outside of USA and Canada that still require the passengers to remove the computers from their case when passing through security checkpoints, even cases with the Express Scan™ feature.

From my perspective, the feature is critical, as most of my personal air travel is in the US, and the benefit of zipping through checkpoints without removing my computer is such an added convenience. The bottom line is you should be aware that many business cases offer this feature today. Whether or not it is necessary for your specific type of travel, is a personal preference. I hope this article will make you an informed buyer, and help you narrow the choices accordingly.


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