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Eye Makeup, 7 Quick Tips

Updated on December 19, 2013

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It all depends on who you're talking to, but many of the professional makeup artists that do well, will tell you that they have 2 or 3 things that they cannot live without when it comes to the eyes.

  • Eyelashes, usually false ones
  • Mascara, usually black
  • One enhancing eye shadow color

Sometimes attention to the eyebrows is enough.

So, the method of application comes into play when one really is discussing the best way to put on one's eye makeup.

Ancient civilizations


Egyptians applied makeup to both the male and female of their society.

Eye makeup was used daily, throughout history.

They outlined their eyes with a black ore in the style of a cat's shape.

Historical view

Eye makeup has been around for thousands of years, if one pays attention to antiquity. We see ancient glamour girls like Cleopatra and queens of Egypt that are shown with heavy dark lines outlining their eyes.

Observation, Every century has gone through social changes and their view on makeup has evolved with what is considered beautiful.

In my opinion eye makeup can be and is one of those subtle ways to introduce a young woman to makeup. Empowering her, through enhancement, without over doing it. The simple application of mascara or eye liner provides such an enhancing affect that most people can tell the difference when a female has applied any.

In some cases all that is needed is tweezing or focusing on the eyebrows.

In some instances of history, it has shown that only loose women used makeup or were supposed to use makeup, so makeup although it is recorded in other ancient civilizations as okay has been frowned upon in different time periods.

The other interesting fact is that men used makeup as well, well at least when it came to their eyes.

Tina Turner, Cleopatra
Tina Turner, Cleopatra | Source

If you ever find yourself in a bind, doing your eyes is the best way to look as if you have a full face.

With your eyes are done or even just your eyebrows, people will mention that something is different about you but they won't know exactly what, especially since most of us don't really pay attention to details, minute changes.

Yet, you can enhance your looks with a few simple makeup applications.

7 Quick tips

1. Eye brows

  • fill in
  • work on tail
  • highlight under arch or above arch

2. Water line

  • neutral, nude or white eyeliner

3. Eye liner

  • blue or color of choice

4. Inner eye, tear duct

  • highlight, almost white

5. Inner eye, nose bridge

  • highlight, neutral shadow

6. Eye lashes

  • curl
  • mascara

7. Under eye

  • concealer, 1 or 2 shades lighter
  • corrector, peachy or orange

Without what eye makeup do you feel naked?

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Eye make up
Eye make up | Source


Since the eyes and the skin around them is of a softer and more sensitive texture, it is usually recommended that one use the least amount of pressure and product around and too close to the windows of our souls.

A delicate touch is required. So, it is suggested that you actually look to your fingers, the ring finger in particular. Apparently the least strongest of all the digits, this one and the pinkie can be used well to apply foundation, concealer and other products made specifically for the eye area.

These areas like your eye lids, under your eyes, in the corners and wrinkles or folds makes all the difference to application.

The ring finger is suggested for application of eye makeup and foundation. This is the heart finger or the finger on which one wears the symbol of the promise to wed. It is also the fourth digit of the human hand.

Interesting tidbits

  1. some cultures refer to it as the magical finger
  2. known as the vena amoris, the hand-heart connection


  1. Clean everything, hands tools etc
  2. prepping, moisturize, mix or apply foundation, concealer to eye area
  3. new product, application method, fingers or brushes
  4. one color choice or multiple colors
  5. pencil liner, for brows, eyes, and water line
  6. liquid liner
  7. mascara

Top ways to enhance eyes

Eye shadow
white / nude
shimmery nuetral highlight
sweep across
dabbing method
load on product
bright color
avoid clumps

Best techniques to use

You actually don't need a lot of tools when it comes to eye makeup. Actually i feel the less the better just because the eyes as such a sensitive area. Everything about the eyes must be kept healthy.


  • slightly arch
  • highlight the brow bone, over or under

Under eye skin

  • use concealer, 1 or 2 shades lighter


  • curl
  • use mascara

Note mascara should be changed every 3 months at the most, if you are or are not using disposable lash brushes.

Makeup Artist Tricks

Professional makeup artists are always talking about the tricks they love to use on women, making them almost picture perfect and simply beautiful through some illusion tricks.

They are not typically hard to replicate but the know how usually takes some practice.

Enhancing one's eyes doesn't normally need a whole lot of makeup tricks but if a few are mastered, they transform a woman's look.

  • Eye brows
  • Eye liner
  • Mascara
  • Eye shadow
  • Curled lashes

Larger eye secrets

Eye lashes

  • curling
  • falsies


  • under eye
  • brow bone

Hollywood secrets

  • Using white liner on the inner rim of your eyes will make them appear larger.
  • Putting the white liner in the corner of your eyes make them appear further apart
  • plucking or tweezing the eyebrow creating a subtle arch, and tweaking where the beginning of the brow starts, creates space between the brows, opening the eye area

Old Hollywood pictures show this as a glamorous part of eye makeup.

Which eye enhancing method do you prefer?

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Brighter eye secrets

If you don't have naturally bright eyes there are makeup tricks that give the illusion of whiter eyes.


  • inner eye, near nose bridge
  • inner eye, at tear duct
  • water line, adding white or nude eyeliner
  • with neutral shimmery shadow to the middle upper lid
  • brows, either under brow or over brow at the mid range to the end tail


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