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Eyebrow Transplant - How Much Does It Cost For An Eyebrow Transplant

Updated on January 24, 2011

Choosing to go through the process of getting an eyebrow transplant can take quite a while once you consider all of the preparation work that needs to go into the complete process.

Once it's been decided where the specialist doctor will collect hair from so as to undertake the eyebrow hair implant, this hair has to be harvested then each individual hair follicle has to be sorted and separated and imbedded into the eyebrow line.

The expense of this sort of eyebrow restoration work may cost from a couple of thousand dollars and sometimes even more. This will depend on how much hair needs to be extracted and prepped as well as how large the eyebrow section that needs to be filled in is.

Some surgeons figure out the price of carrying out eyebrow implants according to just how many hair follicles they're going to actually have to implant to the eyebrow area.

An excellent thing to do when checking out how much an eyebrow transplant will cost is to get in contact with several completely different professionals. This is the ideal method in which you can get a general estimate of the price. You may probably need to make a scheduled appointment for you to go over the different pricing choices offered. This specialised procedure will need several so you may be able to set up some type of payment schedule where you pay a first deposit and you can pay off the remainder in predetermined portions.

It will be much easier to have a better idea of how much you'll be charged if a medical professional can see precisely what they have to fix.

The price of an eyebrow implant may seem costly however this can be a terrific investment in you if it is something which will help make your face look more well-balanced and strengthen your self esteem.


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