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What are the Best Eyeglass Frames for My Face Shape?

Updated on April 28, 2014
Finding Eyeglasses That Flatter You
Finding Eyeglasses That Flatter You | Source

Choosing the Best Eyeglass Frames for You...

The shape of your eyeglass frame can highlight your best features or conceal unflattering facial characteristics. Choose an eyeglass shape that will create a visual balance of your facial features.

What eyeglass frame style is best for my face shape? is a very common question when buying eyeglasses. For the best frame shape for you, you must first determine the shape of your face. If you are uncertain considering these face shape categories will make it easier.

If you have a round face, then the best eyeglass frame shape is one with squared edges which will add definition. Look for eyeglass frames that will add width, such as a rectangular frame with squared edges or an angular shape that will add definition. For an edgier look, go for a bold plastic or add a pop of color.

An oval face shape is characterized by balanced proportions and looks good in most eyeglass shapes. Try to keep the proportions consistent by choosing eyeglasses that are balanced with your facial features. Add edginess with an angular frame, or soften your look with a graphic design with rounded corners. For a more edgy look go with geometric eyeglass shapes that complement your balanced proportions. Lucky you, everything goes!

Diamond faces, are characterized by a small forehead and chin with prominent cheek bones that form the widest part of the face. Best eyeglass shapes are with upswept (cats-eye eyeglasses) or oval styles that accentuate the high cheek bones and add balance. Eyeglasses with upswept corners create what is known as the "facelift" affect, emphasizing cheekbones and making the jawline look slimmer and angular. Recently, this look has really caught on. Squared shape frames and semi-rimless styles help widen the bottom of your face.

A squared face, characterized by strong bone structure and a defined chin; this face shape benefits most from eyeglasses where the temples are placed at the top of the frame and in which the lens area is deep. This appears to shorten the length of your face. The best eyeglass frame shape will give your face more width and has curved edges to offset and minimize strong lines. Consider a frame shape with details on the temples and slight upsweep at the sides.

Heart face shapes are marked by a broad forehead and high cheekbones tapering in to a narrow chin. Look for eyeglasses that add width to the cheek area. Softer styles with contoured tops and squared bottoms will help to balance this face shape.

Just Remember:

Frame Size should be in scale with your face size and stature. Usually eyeglasses should extend to the widest part of your face, even slightly beyond. Some styles are meant to be oversized and some are meant to be worn smaller. It adds to the look!

Use your eyeglasses as an accessory to define your style!

The frame shape should contrast your face shape. Eyeglasses that are geometric or rectangular, with squared corners, will add definition to a fuller face and has a trendier look. A frame with round edges will soften a more angular face shape.

Maintain a conservative look that is totally on trend with an angular eyeglass frame!

Use color to accentuate your best features. Rather than choose a frame color that goes with everything, consider a color that flatters you. Choose eyeglasses that accent your hair color, highlight your eyes or enhance your complexion or just brightens up your everyday look.

Freshen up your everyday look of t-shirt and jeans with eyeglasses that add a touch of color or bold shape!



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