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Thicker longer fuller eyelashes.

Updated on April 28, 2014
Thicker, longer lashes.
Thicker, longer lashes.
Try some garlic oil for lashes like these.
Try some garlic oil for lashes like these.

A bottle with a dropper would be great for keeping the oil clean.

Fuller , Thicker Eye Lashes..Naturally !

Now who doesnt want a pair of beautiful lashes? There is something so alluring in a pair of long thick lashes that you cant help but notice. Just like the fluttering of beautiful butterflies. Us women have waited for years for something to come up in the market which can make this dream a reality? wishful thinking? um? Not quite. The market is flooded with such products now. Some are good, some are bad, some are priced exorbitantly. Then there are some things that are home made and inexpensive. Yes ! I am talking about those.

Am a big fan of heavy thick lashes cause no make up can do what a pair of great lashes can ! over the years i have used several mascaras and they do make my lashes look great but that's only as long as its on :( some of the waterproof mascara's are even bad for you.

On my way to longer, thicker eyelashes.

I did a lot of research , went through the vaseline thing , the vit e stuff but nope it was not doing it . one day i chanced upon a site where there was a discussion going on ,on something unusual about how to have fuller beautiful longer lashes . let me share it with u !

The tip is to cut ur lashes with a pair of scissors !!!! omg !!! yes thats what my initial reaction was, not to mention the fact that my granny used to say that if we cut our lashes ,we wont be able to sleep as they are the curtains of the soul's window !

I was in a dillema to cut or not to cut was my sorrow .So i came to the conclusion that i was going to go ahead with this idea . I took a pair of small scissors, a mirror and cut of just the tips. i looked at them and felt like kicking myself ! short stubby pair of lashes !

How was i supposed not to look like a weirdo ? as i had cut them really short .Anyway what was done was done.There was no way i could reverse it .There was no other way than to patiently wait and watch and hide behind those oversized goggles.

1 week fast forward ...any improvement ? huh? i guess i saw some improvement.

Woots ! Woots !

By the forth week ending hey ! definitely there was a pair of considerably thick longer lashes ! I was sooo happy .Since then i have cut them 2 times more and last time i incorporated castor and almond oil in my night beauty treatment . i apply this mix , just a small drop and massage it gently on my lashes !

Yes i have benefitted from this unusual beauty secret ! really ! but i leave it upto you entirely to go ahead with it or not as each one of us is different .some people say its worthless and not to be tried at all , but i dunno i think it worked for me very well !

if u are daring enough u can try it strangely it worked like a charm for my younger sister too and hey as for not being able to sleep if u cut ur lashes ..lets just say granny doesnt like it when proved wrong :)

Give this a try too, it does wonders to your lashes.

Well as a parting shot I would like to add that if you are not allergic to garlic you could use it to make your lashes thicker. Garlic gets the blood circulation going and strengthens the roots. This is the reason its used in so many shampoos and hair oils. For thicker and fuller lashes you dont need a strong garlic oil which is intended for the scalp. What you want to do is just cut slices of 1 garlic and put it in the almond castor oil mix. Say 5 slices of garlic in 100 ml of oil. After a week this oil would be ready to use. Use it once every night and you would see the results in as little as 4 weeks. Dont rub it in. Just take a tiny drop and massage very gently in the lashes.

What do you think ?

Would you try this ?

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    • crayonbrains profile imageAUTHOR


      8 years ago from The World Is Mine !

      Thank You beauty@one for stopping by and commenting :) Sorry for the late reply though.I used to cut the tips every month and apply castor oil at night to my lashes with a clean mascara wand, as I have considerably thicker lashes now I just do it once in 3 months. I would like to share a beauty tip for lashes with you that is applying just a teeny weeny bit of egg white to the lashes. You can wash it off after an hour. Do this everyday and see the difference !

    • beauty@one profile image


      8 years ago from Sydney, Australia

      Hi there, I just want to know how often do you cut them and do you still cut them now?

    • crayonbrains profile imageAUTHOR


      9 years ago from The World Is Mine !

      Thanks Tajy ! good luck :)

    • Tajy profile image


      9 years ago

      I'm going to have to try that tip. You would think we would do it already since cutting our hair on our heads make it grow back faster and thicker. NE Ways keep up the good work


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