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Girls Aloud False Eye-Lashes Review | Eylure Fake Eyelashes

Updated on September 12, 2014

Girls Aloud False Lashes

In today’s quest for beauty, false lashes and Girls Aloud False Lashes have become very fashionable, to accentuate the power us girls hold in our eyes. The eyes are a powerful weapon and say a thousand words, think of the eyelashes as the frame. We wouldn't put the Mona Lisa in a frame purchased from a pound land store or to that effect.

With false eyelashes and Girls Aloud False Lashes we can change our look accordingly, there are many false eyelashes on the market ranging from a nice subtle set to long thick neon colours if we really want to stand out.

If you are going for that celebrity look then these are a must have, and today I’m going to review the Eylure girls aloud false lashes, each set individually.

Incase you are some of the few who don't know who girls aloud are you could see here

I will try to give you girls the right information on what set are for what occasion, what I really liked about them and a rough price guide.

(Please follow my hubs as my next article is going to be a "how to guide" on applying false eyelashes properly and how to avoid them falling off etc)

The false lashes are manufactured by Eylure and the girls aloud girls each designed their own lashes set to their individual specifications.

In general the Eylure girls aloud lashes are easy to apply and come with simple to use instructions.(Please again follow my hubs ready for my how to guide on false lashes)

If we are very careful it is possible to use the girls aloud false lashes 5+ times but this is providing you are very careful. In respect to quality these compete well with other leading brands, they also have a nice soft glossy feel.

The Eylure girls aloud false lashes come with their own glue (please check though before you purchase) although there isn't much that is included so I’d recommend purchasing extra glue! The glue itself does come out white when first applied, but please don’t panic it does dry clear.

You may or may not with the full range of eyelashes apply mascara, I find you don't need to but this is truly down to personal preference.

You seriously can’t walk into a chemist, hairdresser or clothes shop without seeing Eylure girls aloud false lashes so to me this must be saying something about customer satisfaction.

Girls Aloud Cheryl Cole False Lashes

Most definitely in my opinion, the most extravagant of the range. I wouldn't wear these in the daytime but for me they are a must have for a night out on the town or that special occasion. If you really want to stand out then these are perfect, and a very powerful asset for the boys, or girls depending on preference.They are as well the darkest and thickest of the range. You may or may not want to carefully trim these down to suit your eyes.

Girls Aloud Sarah Harding False Lashes

The Sarah Harding lashes I feel are perfect for either daytime or nighttime use, they don’t scream fake and are very subtle, yet they really do accentuate the eyes nicely. I doubt these would need trimming down as they are not too long across the eye. They are also very "full" giving you a nice flutter.

Girls Aloud Nadine Coyle False Lashes

I find the Nadine Coyle design to be the most natural looking of the 5, and really perfect for work or daytime use, although if you don’t like standing out and you just want to accentuate a little, then you could wear them out at night also. I find the only way to describe these as "highly classy" you will hardly notice you are wearing them.

Girls Aloud Nicole Roberts False Lashes

My personal favourite of all the girls, Nicole has also gone with a nice subtle look with that hint of sassy. They add the perfect elongating effect and to use a word to describe them I’d go with "fluttery" A must have for making eyes at the boys without screaming "hi I’m wearing fake eyelashes" I really like these and I find it hard to pick a favourite but if I have too then these are them, but hey we all have different shaped, different width and just generally different eyes!

Girls Aloud Kimberley Walsh False Lashes

Last but definitely not least, Kimberley eyelashes are probably the best of the bunch for blending in with your own eyelashes; they have a natural look and not obvious, starting short at the inner eye getting longer towards the outer eye. I use these for both day time and night time, and have received plentiful compliments while wearing them.

Girls Aloud Cheryl Cole Lashes Review Video

Girls Aloud Lashes Tutorial

Girls Aloud Lashes Comment Rate Review!

Please remember girls all the information I have given is my own personal opinion, if you feel you could add more to this hub about girls aloud lashes then be sure to comment I would like to hear your views. There aren't strangers here just friends we haven't met yet and it’s good to help each other feel more beautiful! Remember to rate me up and follow my hubs as I have a lot of spare time on my hands at present to write lots more articles.

There are girls aloud lashes at amazon if you click one of the links below you will be able to search them, there seems to be a problem with search results at the moment, sorry for the inconvenience i will get them sorted ASAP there cheap and reliable at amazon so take a look for yourselfs


Jaz x


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      Jasmin 4 years ago from United Kingdom

      Thanks Sarah for stopping by! Glad it helped :) x

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      Sarah 4 years ago

      Very helpful, thank you! :)

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