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Updated on June 11, 2017

Five Icons Share Some Beauty Secrets

Okay, so we aren't all clones of Cindy Crawford, or Cheryl Tiegs but that doesn't mean that we cannot learn from their beauty secrets and apply them to our own lives and bodies. Of course we won't end up ever looking as youthful as Goldie Hawn and none of us can ever be the perfect "10" like Bo Derek but what the heck if we could look as good as we did ten years ago, or for some of us, even better we just gotta know, don't we?

JANE FONDA. Read. No reading won't make you fit but Jane Fonda's advice just might help. The legendary award winning actress wasn't always in her seventies. If you think she looks fabulous now check her out when she was in her fifties! And, she was and is one lady who is determined to be the best so do you think she may know of the best? If you do then her book, Aging Well is a must read for any women in her fifties. Fonda reports in a September, 2011 interview with Forbes staff writer Jenna Goudreau gerontologists state that not drinking alcohol is the single highest predictor of successful aging. In the same interview Fonda says she reduced her intake of sugar and increased her consumption of water. She also stated exercise was mandatory. But, we all knew that was a huge belief of Jane Fonda's didn't we? Well, if you didn't where have you been?

GOLDIE HAWN. Rest. The blond bombshell from Laugh-In and many other films and television shows is still a bombshell and a youthful fit looking one, too. Hawn now in her seventies in a May, 2013 interview with London's, First Post when asked, said rest and relaxation were key factors in her youthful fit appearance. And, if laughter isn't a key to beauty then Goldie Hawn's contagious giggle was just entertaining. What do you think? Is laughter still the best medicine for everything? Not many have done it quite so well as Goldie Hawn!

BO DEREK. If you are prone to jealousy especially towards other women DO NOT and I repeat DO NOT watch the movie 10 starring Bo Derek. Derek arguably the most perfect body ever known hence the number ten is now in her seventies. Derek has stayed fit, youthful and still remains one of the sexiest women ever known. Looking back she relects on the countless outdoor activities she has always been involved in. But, here is what may surprise you. Bo in a February, 2011 interview with Secrets for Beauty candidly revealed that she wore hair pieces to camouflage her thinning hair. Yes, Bo Derek known for her braided style cornrow hair in the movie 10 who had us all in our twenties rushing to the beauty parlor would like us who are now in our fifties not to brush off the idea of a hairpiece. In the same interview Bo contributes her beauty to being a vegetarian. She has also stated in several interviews the importance of exfoliating in her beauty regiment. Bo, however regrets her long days of sun exposure and attributes her damaged skin to over exposure of the sun. Bo is stunning in every decade she has graced and I don't know about you but if she has damaged her skin and she would know what would she look like with undamaged skin.

CHERYL TIEGS. Now, Cheryl is one of those rare women who could compete with Bo Derek. Tiegs was the Sports Illustrated swimsuit model who made the Sports Illustrated magazine what it is today. Her beautiful sexy barely clad supermodel figure had the magazines flying off the shelves. Tiegs said in an interview on the daytime television show, The Dr.s, when you get to a certain age you must make a choice. Looking at Cheryl Tiegs in her later years we can tell what her choice was. Just like us we didn't have to fight to remain fit in our twenties but we do have to when we navigate through our fifties. Tiegs said during the interview that it may have been natural once but when she reached a certain age she had to work to maintain her fitness and beautiful looks. I think she did a wonderful job and was still one of the most sexiest females at age fifty. Tiegs gives some really great advice during the interview, too. Cheryl drinks cactus juice to prevent inflammation. And, remember ladies inflammation can include the puffiness under your eyes, the bloating of your stomach and the swelling in your joints. Tiegs states during the interview her belief is that inflammation and prevention of inflammation is why her youthful, sexy and beautiful body lasted over time. She also gives a great, easy solution for those pesky lines on your hands that reveal your age. Dab some olive oil on your hands and rub it in. Olive oil isn't just for the inner body. Wow, what an easy thing to try. Thanks Cheryl for your continuous contribution to our female gender!

CINDY CRAWFORD. Although I have listed Cindy Crawford last on my list she is probably number one in sharing beauty secrets with all of us. The midwestern beauty is walking down the path of fifty right along with us. Clearly, none of us can be as beautiful but we never were. Crawford's candor and openness has been with us throughout her modeling career. She hasn't only been a beautiful sexy supermodel she's been a genuine help to the female gender. "True beauty is the energy you give out," says Crawford in a 2014 interview with Elle Magazine's Meagan Cahn. Cindy was 48 and approaching the age of fifty at the time of the interview. We as females gain much from Crawford's research on anti-aging. Crawford said in the interview she had taken wine and salt out of her diet to erase the puffiness from underneath her eyes. Today, Crawford is doing serious research on anti-aging with a medical doctor by the name of Dr. Sebagh. Her infomercials are currently seen on television introducing her cosmetic line she assures us combats aging. If you think that Crawford is an opportunist my suggestion is to look back at the interviews she did in her thirties. She had many insightful, free beauty secrets back then, too. For an added bonus Cindy recommends Jane Iredale's mineral powder for our teenage girls who are just starting to experiment with make-up. She also stresses to be comfortable with no make-up which allows your skin to breathe.

There are so many women who are famous, fit and fifty. Their contributions to the female gender are invaluable. I chose these five women to gleam some anti-aging secrets from because in addition to being famous, fit and fifty I have always found them to be genuine, kindhearted and smart. Plus, we may be focusing so much on the famous, fit and fifty women of our time we forgot those who have reached sixty and seventy and have proven their beauty secrets a success.

My own added advice at any age; be comfortable. Be comfortable with your weight, your skin and your fashion style. If you aren't comfortable in your body I hope you soon become comfortable. The more comfortable you are the more self confidence you have and the more self confidence you have the happier you will be. No one likes feeling uncomfortable.

So, settle into fifty and enjoy the comforting journey toward the decade we know little about, sixty. But we will learn more of it before we get there. I am certain of it.


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