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Face Painting: How to Become a Bunny Rabbit!

Updated on March 13, 2012

Anytime Rabbit

You might obviously think to use rabbit face painting for Easter (and that's a great idea!), though there is no reason to discount it during anytime of the year. Being a cute little rabbit is fun for boys and girls playing dress up, going to costume parties, dressing up for halloween or just for fun on a warm spring day.

Step 1

Use a white face painting crayon or white face paint and draw some round squares between the upper lip and nose. These will be your "bunny cheeks".

After you add the cheeks, draw another round square on the chin below the lower lip. This will be your cute little bunny chin!

Step 2

Draw two white ovals around the eyes to get that extra cute rabbit look. Make sure the upper part of the oval goes above the eyes, otherwise you'll have a sad bunny look!

Step 3

Use a black face paint crayon to draw an outline around your bunny cheeks and chin.

Optionally, you can also add some defining marks around the mouth. I like to add some that look like "laugh lines" and "smile wrinkles". It really gives your little rabbit that happy feeling.

Step 4

Use some red mixed with white face paint to get pink, or mix a red paint crayon with a white paint crayon on your finger, then use the pink to smear around the nose for a cute pink button nose. Then take your black crayon and add some little dots on your bunny cheeks.

Once you've done that, you can add some little "nose" wrinkles, to give it that authentic rabbit feel.

Step 5

Use some more pink paint to draw some quaint little rosey cheeks on your bunny-rabbit. Then add some whiskers extending from your little face spots.

You might also consider adding some chin hair, as most rabbits have very hairy chins that you just can't help but run and pet!

Step 6

Add some floppy ears, a cute cottontail and some fun activities and you'll be the best dressed rabbit in town!

Win extra points by getting a full suited bunny costume to go with your new rabbit face!

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