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Social Networking Gifts - T Shirts, Mugs, Bags, Stickers and Posters

Updated on October 1, 2015

Must-have gift for Facebook addicts - novelty Facebook Shower Curtain

If you know a Facebook addict, and the chances are you know quite a few, then why not get them a perfect gift? There are so many Facebook fans now that you can buy all sorts of fun merchandise, from T-shirts and hoodies, mugs, bags, underpants and even shower curtains. Or, perhaps you really find all the Facebook fascination just too much? No fear, there are Tshirts and magnets for Facebook dislikers too!

This great social networking shower curtain has 248 Facebook friends, including the hot tap and toilet seat and is in a relationship with limescale. It has a clear plastic window where your profile picture would normally be on a Facebook page, so you can have some great photo fun with this. It’s a brilliant gift for those you know who can’t bear to be away from their smartphone or laptop for too long in case they get Facebook withdrawal symptoms and it’s actually practical too – a perfect birthday gift or great as a novelty housewarming present.

Facebook Stickers

There are plenty of fantastic Facebook stickers to buy, whether you want to put something as a joke on your car window, telling people that they like it, or whether you are looking for the logo to put on your merchandise or display to drive people to your Facebook page.

Facebook Cufflinks

Probably my favourite Facebook product has to be these thumbs-up cufflinks, just the stylish trendy sort of present for the man who likes to dress smart, but has a sense of humour. These eye-catching cufflinks would make an ideal Christmas or Birthday gift, or a leaving present for someone in the office.

Facebook Novelty Mugs

There are lots of great Facebook mugs available too, which you can get personalised. They make a perfect gift for co-workers, friends or stocking fillers. If they love their cup of coffee or tea, get them a mug that has a “Like” button for their favourite drink. If they are just simply a Facebook addict, get them a mug that says just that!

Facebook T shirts and Hoodies

There are some great T-shirts and hoodies you can get with Facebook themes. You can get the Facebook Addict T-shirts personalised as a great gift idea. How about a T-shirt that says “Eat, Sleep, Facebook”?

For something really different why not get him some Facebook boxers?

Here's some links to some great Facebook T shirt sites. Go to Zazzle and see how you can design your own T shirts, to make great gifts, or even open your own Zazzle store!

Facebook Bags

You can get smart useful tote bags, laptop bags or messenger bags that have Facebook logos, both useful and novel - perfect for carrying your shopping or belongings. This would make the perfect gift for the networked person!

Or how about a brilliant key fob that you can put your own QR code on. A QR code is a type of barcode that you can easily generate yourself by using readily available free QR code generating applications (just google QR code generator). You will also need to download a QR code reader to your smartphone (again, google it, they are free and readily available). You can then scan the QR code that you have generated for your webpage into your ‘phone and the page will automatically load.

If you like posters, there are lots of funny posters available, either retro-style posters with Facebook jokes, like this one or ones that say that you like it. Posters make perfect gifts for young people to decorate their rooms - these would be perfect for the young student's college room. Perfect as a special treat for passing those long hard exams!


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