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Fake Arm Tattoo Sleeves Are Cool

Updated on June 25, 2011

Every once in a while, you see something that raises your eyebrow and strikes you as odd. Then it becomes funny. And over time, you come to think it's pretty cool.

The recent one for me is fake arm tattoo sleeves. Now, I'm already familiar with the temporary fake tattoos. You know, the ones that rub off with soap and water. The ones that you can buy from swap meets or a trendy shop in Melrose.

But when I heard of fake tattoo arm sleeves, the first thing I thought was "How lazy do you have to be to wear a fake tattoo sleeve?" I don't think there's an answer to that question. But over time, I began noticing more and more people wearing fake tattoo sleeves.

And yes, I do live in Southern California where fake tattoos are just as popular as real tattoos.

Now, I don't have any tattoos.  But I dated a girl with a tattoo and thought it was the sexiest thing.  I also have two friends who are tattoo artists.  Thus, I consider myself open-minded when it comes to (real) tattoos.

The first time I heard of fake arm tattoo sleeves was in the show Big Bang Theory.  To those not familiar with the show, the best way to describe it is 'Friends for the super nerds'.  I said super nerds because the main characters are accomplished professionals in physics and astronomy.  Each has either a PhD or a Master.  But they are young guys.  So, of course, they are looking to hookup.  In one of the episodes, Howard and Raj were looking to pick up girls in a goth club so to fit in, they bought fake arm tattoo sleeves online.  That's when I said, "Huh?!"  I didn't know they had those.  And that's when I began noticing them around me.

So as a curious Hubster, I looked them up on eBay.  Voila!  There are all kinds of fake tattoo arm sleeves on sale.  All kinds of design too, like goth, dragon, skulls, tribal, etc.  These are typical tattoo designs, so why shouldn't they be on fake arm tattoo sleeves.


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