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Fake Coach Purses: Check Them Out!

Updated on December 18, 2008

Fake Coach Purse

Got to have it! Go ahead and get it! Choose from a great selection of fake coach purses to flaunt your style and express yourself.


Not everyone can afford or chooses to afford the real deal. You can get a perfectly functional purse at a fraction of the cost of the designer purse. I see it as a personal choice whether having the real name brand product is important to you or having a great looking replica on your shoulder will make you happy. Either way – the decision is yours.


One thing I have noticed is the difference in the quality of fakes that are out in the market. When you are in the market for a fake coach purse you must do your homework. Give the purse a full inspection before you purchase it. I have seen some really great fakes that have worn very well for my friends. And then there are ‘the ones(s)’ that you wish you never bought because the quality is so bad. Even if it looks like a Coach bag the ‘c’ pattern is not enough to make your handbag look nice. Since you carry a purse for a reason you need to be sure it will actually work for you. A few things to check for include the following.


1. Check the zipper. Does it slide smoothly and easily? Some of the fakes have super cheap zippers that do not operate smoothly.


2. For me, the lining of the purse is a priority. Some of the fakes have a crunchy lining that I find irritating and just does not feel very well.


3. Check out the general craftsmanship. You are not buying a lifetime guaranteed purse, but it does need to last for a while.


i. Sometimes the buckles will tarnish and scratch easily.


ii. Check the stitching to be sure it will hold up with wear.


So take some time when you find the right style at the right price to check your fake coach purse for some basic, practical usage features. Have fun shopping!


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      kathysmith 8 years ago

      I love fake coach purses