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Style Updates For Less Than Fifty Bucks

Updated on September 10, 2015

Accessories Add Visual Interest

Spice up your wardrobe with colorful accessories.
Spice up your wardrobe with colorful accessories.

Classy, Elegant Inspiration

Getting ready to go out for the night or even getting dressed for work should be exciting. For accessories, rhinestones are always classy. You can add a rhinestone cha-cha bracelet to an outfit for a bit of glamour or find some fun dangly vintage rhinestone earrings at a thrift store. My favorite watch is an Anne Klein rhinestone-studded band. It has a vintage feel and can be worn with jeans or flowing skirts.

Easy Updates to Make Your Wardrobe Pop

Ready to learn a few simple ways to update your look right now? Looking great doesn't require spending a lot of money. Here are a few ways to update your style effortlessly.

Tops with subtle sequin details or ruffles add a bit of glam to any outfit. Look for a sweater with a classy sequin trim rather than an entire shirt covered in sequins. I find the best deals at my favorite thrift store here in Charlotte, NC. I love Ann Taylor LOFT, Apt. 9, Fossil, American Eagle, J.Crew and Lucky Brand jeans. Thrift store shopping allows me to wear the hottest brands without blowing my budget.

Add a scarf to your outfit. In the summer, I almost never leave the house for work without a necklace but once it gets cold, I wear scarves that I get at local craft shows and thrift stores. Scarves offer a bit of color and keep you warm and cozy. Handmade scarves can be found at your local Farmer's Market or craft festivals. These are usually $10 to $20, depending on the material. One of my favorite scarves is a knitted purple "collar" that has a bright purple button to hold it in place. Scarves exude an air of mystery, like an old time Hollywood actress. Experiment with a variety of styles and materials until you find your best look.

Wear dark blue jeans as a dressier alternative to your regular jeans. Paired with low heels, the look is understated and elegant. Dark wash jeans give the illusion of a slimmer bottom half. On top, try a blazer-style sweater for the office. My favorite dark washed jeans are Lola Boot Cut jeans I got for $9.98 at my local thrift store. Jeggings are quite popular now, as are skinny jeans. Jeggings look best under a long top. Short tops paired with jeggings look like workout gear. American Eagle jeans are extremely affordable and well-made. AE Artist jeans look great on tall girls and can even disguise a bit of a tummy. These jeans flare out from the knee to the ankle and are perfect for accenting long legs. I love distressed jeans and feel six feet tall in my Artist jeans with classy heels.

Wear a lightweight leather jacket in place of a sweater, even indoors. Go for a slim, tailored fit that doesn't add bulk but softly flatters your figure. A blazer style jacket looks ultra professional for the office or after work meeting a friend for a drink.

Free up some space in your wardrobe. If your closet is overflowing with hundreds of shoes, hats and coats you haven't worn in the past year or two, it is time to do some editing. Why are you holding on to the past. Start by Getting Rid of Clothes You Don't Wear. These can be sold quickly on Ebay or donated to Goodwill. Freeing up space in your closet or dresser allows you to welcome new additions into your world. Need help with what to sell on EBay? Check out my link below.

Sundance Inspired Jewelry is Hot

Add some glam to your wardrobe with your accessories.  This Gypsy Bracelet by Artful Antiques is bohemian chic.
Add some glam to your wardrobe with your accessories. This Gypsy Bracelet by Artful Antiques is bohemian chic. | Source
Sterling silver spoon jewelry adds a playful look.
Sterling silver spoon jewelry adds a playful look.
Revamp your accessories and create new looks.
Revamp your accessories and create new looks.

Update Your Wardrobe with Great Accessories

Typewriter key jewelry has a  vintage flair.
Typewriter key jewelry has a vintage flair.
Learn simple jewelry design techniques to fix up favorite pieces of jewelry that need a new clasp or simple repair.
Learn simple jewelry design techniques to fix up favorite pieces of jewelry that need a new clasp or simple repair. | Source

Add a Few Accessories

Accessorize For A Hot Look

If you are on a budget, you can still dress like a diva. Focus on one "must have" element like a belt, scarf or vintage pin. Pick one stunning accessory. A vintage brooch can dress up your look. Use an antique pin to hold a cashmere wrap sweater in place. Look for antique-inspired pieces made by local jewelry designers. Find a look you love from a magazine and show it to a crafty friend. See if she can make a similar piece for you at a fraction of the price. Vintage pins at consignment and thrift shops can be found for under $25. There are also amazing deals to be found on Ebay.

Revamp Your Costume Jewelry

Do you have jewelry in your jewelry box that needs to be repaired? By teaching yourself to do some basic jewelry making skills you can revamp your castoff jewelry into custom creations. You will need a good basic set of jewelry making tools to get started. These include flush cutters, round-nosed pliers and crimpers. You can buy inexpensive tools when you are first learning jewelry making but eventually you will want to invest in quality tools.

Use the tutorials available on the internet to learn simple skills like changing a clasp, adding charms with jump rings and shortening a necklace. Jewelry design is fun and easy to get started. You will need some simple tools to start with. After that, you can cash in on your newfound skills by offering your design skills to friends.

Easy DIY Sewing Tutorial on YouTube

Embellish It

Add a touch of elegance to a basic t-shirt. You can sew lace, embroidery or beads to a top or skirt. Check out your local craft shop. These days, embellishments are everywhere. Sew your own accessories. Try out a simple project like a headband. Shop thrift stores to find unique buttons and trims to add to your outfits. Just because an item was originally designed to be a dress doesn't mean you can' t transform it into something else. Give yourself permission to create your own fashions.

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Looking Good Starts with Feeling Good

If you want to look good, start by vowing to feel better on the inside. Exercise releases endorphins and makes you feel incredible. Start adding a bit of movement every day. Take a hike with a furry friend, walk around the park, take a weight training class and you will feel like you can handle any problem that comes your way. Transform your life today with a few easy updates to your wardrobe.


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