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5 glances to identify a fake Burberry

Updated on April 6, 2013

5 glances to identify a fake Burberry

The history dates back to 1880, when the young Thomas Burberry met a shepherd of his country was a wonderful jacket whose characteristic is to resist the rain and cold.

The shepherd himself revealed the secret of the jacket specially woven wool sheep treated by other products that have the privilege to protect the animals from the weather.
Persuaded by the great potential of these traditions, the young Thomas in 1888 invented his famous Burberry gabardine fabric.

Like all other prestigious brands in the world, Burberry luxury goods are subject to the competition and counterfeiting. The world is full of people who cheat and try to get rich quickly by creating imitations. Imitations are finally perfectly done that you may well realize that this is almost genuine

The statistics warn that the Burberry products are most often purchased as a forgery. To remedy this flow has dishonest it is imperative for the consumer to identify the true from the false truths and buying products only from licensed real shops, and consider the following tips to avoid being cheated.

Tip 1
Make sure the logo is on the label and nowhere else on the rest of the product (shirt or coat ...). The logo is written in capital letters: BURBERRY, not Burberry. Also make sure that the word LONDON is also in capital letters and is located directly below the logo.

Tip 2

As a respected brand, Burberry is proud of the high quality of its products. But if you notice the glue on the fabric, uneven points, buttons mismatched, a defective zipper, or any other defect, it is likely that the product is a fake.

Tip 3
Make sure that the records ” control Burberry Nova Check” are aligned perfectly with a good level. On a counterfeit product lines of control are generally diagonally.

Tip 4
All brand products have usually a unique serial number. Any merchandise or other piece of clothing that does not have this number on a white label inside that says the product is very ordinary or is a fake.

Tip 5

Burberry still delivers its products with money back guarantee if not buyer satisfied. Otherwise you can be sure you buy the fake.

It is useful to remember that besides being a cheating, manufacturers of imitation Burberry and other quality products kill jobs and lead to rising unemployment.

And to limit their spending, they generally operate out of a hand or female infant with low wages without forgetting to care even a little for environmental protection and minimum standards of consumer safety.


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