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Fantasy Tattoo Art and Designs

Updated on June 26, 2014

Fantasy Tattoo Fans

Fantasy stories, books, art, film and tattoos have a rabid following of fans, and fantasy tattoos are becoming a big part of the enjoyment of the genre, as tattoo designers and tattoo artists continue to put out great work, and I think it's only just beginning.

Because fans are interested in most things connected to fantasy stories, the tattoos also take in a wide array of interests as well, covering just about everything you could think of.

Personally, I like the fantasy tattoo designs that include the look that you would see on a Conan book cover, as the detail is extraordinary, and it really stands out when done well. But some of the artists that did the Conan art differ, with some being better than others.

Some of the Final Fantasy tattoos are good too, and I've included a couple here as part of the tattoo gallery.

Conan Tattoo Photo

Fantasy Scribe or Wizard Tattoo

You could picture this being a wizard or scribe, and it's a good one either way. You can tell he definitely doesn't like what looks like being interrupted.

When you can feel and take in the look of the tattoo image, you know the designer and artist did a good job on it.

What would have added to it would to have included some script on the pages of the open book. After all, why have a book if there is nothing inside of it? Of course it could be said it's a magical book and no one but the Wizard can read it.

Wizard Tattoo with Book

Woman Warrior Tattoo

This fantasy woman warrior tattoo has just the right touch of a little color with the usual black and white.

While I usually prefer no color in tattoos, when just the right amount is slightly but skillfully used, it really makes the tattoo image stand out. The artist here did a good job of balancing it.

The leopard skin draped over parts of her body looks great, and that little creature sitting on her shoulder is a nice touch.

Female Warrior Tattoo

Darth Dealer Fantasy Tattoo

Here's another nice fantasy tattoo where there's that subtle touch of color, although a little more than the last one.

The yellow behind him make that black in the tattoo stand out nicely, and the red in his head area gives him the look he needs to portray who and what he is. Good one.

Darth Dealer Tattoo

Warrior Riding Horse Tattoo

While this warrior fantasy tattoo has more color than I would like, the power of the horse in front, which is capture nice allows me to forgive it and really enjoy it overall.

This was done by a skillful tattoo artist, and the detail is extraordinary. I really like the foot of the horse that's right in your face.

Fantasy Warrior Tattoo on Horse

Final Fantasy Tattoo

Unless a tattoo artist was completely inept, if you have a Final Fantasy tattoo you're in with the fans, and this one here is pretty good. It captures the feel of the story and character, and is designed well.

Final Fantasy Gamer Tattoo Photo

Nice Tattoo Fantasy Woman's Head

This tattoo could be easily underrated because it's only of the head of the character, but it's a really difficult tattoo to have designed and inked, and the detail is extraordinary.

It's not easy to create a tattoo like this with only dark and light ink, which is the reason I like them so much better when they're done right. This one definitely is done right.


Fantasy Female Tattoo Photo

Odin Tattoo

Odin plays a big part of fantasy mythology, as both Thor and Loki are a key part of that story, along with Odin.

This photo of the Norse god portrays him majestically and in the powerful way you would expect to see him if you ever met him.

My only complaint is the eyes could have been done a little better.

Odin Fantasy Tattoo Photo

Fantasy Female Tattoo

I included this fantasy female angel tattoo in the tattoo gallery because of its design being very different from the other tattoo photos here.

This is a very different design with the lines and swirls, along with the nice shading, making it a good tattoo to look at and appreciate. The design of the wings are unique from most others in the fantasy, angel genre.

Fantasy Female Angel Tattoo

Fantasy Gaming Tattoo

Here's another fantasy gaming tattoo which is, again, very popular with fans. You can see the hero is resting cautiously ready to use his weapon at any time.

The shading of the clothes is particularly well done to me, using shadow to giving a nice three-dimensional look to his clothes.

Fantasy Gaming Tattoo

Fantasy Wizard Tattoo

While the end of the wizard's staff almost surely identifies him as Gandalf from Lord of the Rings, there was just enough uncertainty for me not to proclaim it as a fact; although I think I'm right.

Either way, this is a high-quality tattoo that I really like, and since I am major Lord of the Rings fan, it really is cool to me.

Wizard Tattoo

Fantasy Tattoo Designs

Since I've always liked fantasy stories and art since I was young, it's really been enjoyable to look at the growing number of fantasy tattoos emerging and the quality of the work that is being displayed.

These are really works of art, and I'm looking forward to seeing the fantasy tattoo genre gets even better in the years ahead.


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