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Becoming a Fashion Consultant

Updated on May 28, 2014
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Fashion Consultant
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Fashion Consultant Business

Making Money as a Fashion Consultant

Fashion is a massive and varied market and is constantly evolving. What is fashionable today may not be fashionable tomorrow. So how do you keep up with the latest fashion? There are thousands of fashion magazines catering for every niche and taste. There are millions of websites that deal with fashion and fashion accessories where you can keep your finger on the fashion pulse. The fashion industry is worth billions of pounds and many people would like to break into this industry. The media bombards us with images of celebrities wearing the latest in fashionable clothing which makes people wish to be trendy and fashionable. Fashion consultants, or fashion gurus are becoming more and more popular as people want to know what they should wear and where to acquire the latest in ultra trendy fashion. If you wish to become a fashion consultant you can read on and I will give you the basics of how to go about it.

The first thing you must do before jumping straight into setting up a business as a fashion consultant you should do your research. Any successful business will need to be researched thoroughly. Fashion consultancy is no different to any other business in that you need to research the industry and the business as well as come up with a business plan. You should decide what part of the fashion industry you wish to focus on, to begin with it is best to have one specific aspect of the fashion world to focus on as it is easier to consult people on a specific aspect. For example you could become a fashion consultant who specialises in professional wear such as suits and ties for men and power suits for business women. This will mean that you have a specific target audience on which to focus your business, professional men and women who tend to work in offices and such like, would be the key demographic for this kind of business. This will also mean that you only have to keep up to date with the changes in fashion in suits and similar items. There is a lot of information out there on the internet about choosing a niche and about researching your business so please do check it out as it will help you in creating you fashion consultancy and developing it as a business.

Many people decide not to become fashion consultants because they think it will be far too difficult. As with all businesses it can be really difficult to make serious money straight away. The problem is you occasionally have to wait for the next fashion trend that sometimes takes a while. It is hard work being a fashion consultant but it is worth it, you must do constant research on your specific aspect of fashion. Reading fashion magazines and watching fashion shows as this will help increase your knowledge of fashion.

Fashion Accessories

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Fashion Consultant Clients

Clients are a very important part of running a business as a fashion consultant. When you first begin, unless you are very lucky, you will not have many clients and you will have to find ways to drum up business. There are loads and loads of different ways of getting clients some are more expensive than others. Most people when starting up a consultancy business will need to find cheaper ways of drumming up business.

You can get clients in various ways:

  • · Posting adverts in a local paper
  • · Placing adverts in local shops
  • · Passing around business cards
  • · Passing around professional looking flyers

There is also various ways of using the internet to get clients to call you. You can create posts on forums giving advice on your consultancy business. You can post adverts on bulletin boards. You can create adverts for your business on craigslist. Creating a website is an excellent way of earning clients, the main problem with a website is that you will need to market the website and keep it updated and full of useful information. This can be a lot of hard work and needs constant attention. If you create a website it might be a good idea to hire somebody to create and keep your website updated, although this could cost quite a bit of money so is probably better left until you have some money rolling in.

Once you have gotten your clients you will want to keep them so that you can get repeat business. Ensure that you give them the best service possible, treat every client like they are special, smile at them and make them feel good about themselves and make sure that the fashion items you help them choose actually suits them. If you do a good job your clients may get you more business by telling their friends about you. Beware, if you do a great job and make your client very happy they may tell one person but usually they won’t tell anyone, if you do a bad job your client will tell 3 or more people. In the early stages of a business like this you must make sure you have a great reputation otherwise people will avoid asking you to be their consultant. Once you have built your reputation you must be aware that a reputation can take years to build and only five minutes to destroy.

Once you have built up your business you can begin to consult people online, which will expand your business and earn you clients from all over the world meaning that you will have a great chance of earning huge profits. Consulting with people from all over the world is now extremely easy as you can make use of emails, telephones and webcam conferencing. These tools are not only really easy to use they are also really cost effective.

Becoming a fashion consultant obviously involves a lot of work and a lot of research. The reason that this kind of business is an excellent one to attempt is that the initial investments are fairly low so getting a bank loan to fund it should be relatively easy. You could quite easily give this business idea a try and even if it doesn’t work you will not have lost huge amounts of cash. Just remember that you must do your research, make sure you know as much about fashion and business so that your consultancy has a better chance to succeed.


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      ItsEddieParker 5 years ago

      I would like to receive information updates whenever they become available...I am very interested in being successful in the Fashion Consultancy Forum...I too take pride in looking appropriate and stylish at the same time...My professionalism is the main compliment of how I appear to the fashion world today...thank you for the insight...I look forward to receiving more info in this field.