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Fashion For The Unscripted Gentleman

Updated on April 13, 2016

In today's robotic world, men's fashion has a tendency to lean toward the bland, everything-looks-the-same vibe. Common designers produce the same line over and over, not bothering to branch out of their signature look. However, there are some truly progressive men's fashion designers out there and Maceoo is no exception. Maceoo's Unscripted line for men is a thrilling blend of timeless lines and bold patterns.

Unscripted dress shirts for men

Vivid aquatic shades of blue, soft creamy peach and elegant purple are featured in Maceoo's Unscripted dress shirts. Royal red, deep burgundy and shell pink also make appearances. These stylish button-up shirts sport convertible French cuffs with bold, complementary patterns. Made with high-quality Italian cotton, these men's dress shirts are comfortable and durable.


The classic lines emphasize the male figure, have a trim fit, but leave enough room for unrestrained movement. These elegant dress shirts are suitable for many types of events, and are designed to accentuate the original gentleman in you.

Unscripted men's polos

Maceoo's polos feature many of the same vivid and timeless colors as the dress shirts. You'll find daring combinations of midnight blue with pink and soft gray with a creamy orange in this modern men's shirt collection. Floral, tribal and classic patterns can be found on the lining, collar and pocket.

Unscripted polos are available with short and long sleeves. They are expertly crafted with French cuffs and a stiff dress collar. You can go for the pocket look or pocket-less with the wide variety of options this timeless line offers. A high-quality stretch-cotton mesh material is used to provide maximum comfort and durability. They are lightweight and designed for a contemporary fit.


Maceoo's Unscripted V-necks

The bold colors and unique patterns continue into Maceoo's selection of V-neck shirts from the Unscripted line. These men's V-necks flatter the figure with a fitted look and go great with fitted jeans or shorts. Like the polos, they are made from a stretch-cotton mesh that's soft and lightweight. Stand out patterns accent the French cuffs, creating a stylish and sophisticated look. These classy V-necks are also available with or without a front pocket, and in a long sleeve style.


Men's blazers from the Unscripted line

Elegant textures, contrasting stitching and trenchant inner linings are all found in the Unscripted blazers by Maceoo. A combination of a trim fit and classic lines accents the sophisticated look. Many shades of blue, from midnight to electric, are featured in this stunning line of men's blazers. Timeless hues of gray, red, brown and black are also seen. Chunky plaid and contrasting button colors decorate some of the more individual options.

These refined blazers are made from luxurious cotton and provide plenty of room for comfortable movement. Maceoo's Unscripted blazers make a bold and dignified statement whether you're at a business or personal meeting.


The Maceoo story

Translated into English, Maceoo means "gift from the gods." The idea for creating Maceoo was inspired by culture and social environments while one of the founders traveled the world as an engineer. He partnered up with his brother and together they founded Maceoo, an innovative and refined clothing brand for men. The company's headquarters are based in Paris, France and San Diego, California.


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