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Fashion Mistake #1: NOT Wearing Your Size!

Updated on February 7, 2012

"Both Men and Women Choose to Make This Simple Fashion Faux Pas". by Sherri Mitchell

Not putting our best foot forward is one thing, but not allowing ourselves to do just that is over-the-top wrong! When men and women make the mistake of NOT wearing their correct clothes size, it makes them set the wrong tone from the start. It is almost like they are dooming themselves from their very own entrance. We have seen this time and time again and here’s the scenario:

A man walks into a room with just the right amount of hair and gel, nice smile, great assertiveness and has the winning attitude…..but his suit is just way too BIG! If he only had the suit altered correctly, that first appearance can become a great lasting one.

A confident woman engages others with her wit and personality, lighting up the room with her ease to speak…..however, if she would just leave the oversized maternity-looking clothes back at home and finally donate all the baggy clothes once and for all, her style would match her attitude!

Why do women and men alike make this simple fashion faux pas? They choose to wear clothes that are just too big for them.

Why do women still wear their "Bigger" or maternity-looking clothes long after their baby is born? Maybe they are stuck in the maternity mode and attached too much to that time in their lives? And why do men also make this mistake of wearing their clothes too baggy or a size (or two) too big? Maybe it is just their “comfy” clothes or yo-yo weight loss/gain that has them thinking they should keep wearing the larger outfits? Sometimes, we desperately need to be prodded to get something new for our wardrobe. Clothes can be even too small if we choose to wear things that should have been donated a few years ago. There are times when men and women alike can get in a rut and still wear clothes from decades ago. If they were going to an era party where they had to choose clothes from the 70’s or 80’s, it is NOT such a great thing if you can actually find them in your closet! But wearing shrunken ware that looks like it belongs to your teenager or younger relative just doesn’t belong on your maturing body! That is another article to write about altogether.

For Pete’s Sake (whoever Pete really is), just do us the honor of not only arriving on time, but also giving your body the appropriate coverage! If you are one that goes up and down in weight, I highly recommend having your own area for the larger clothes in your closet. Also, if you want to really get down to the size you want to be, just donate the “too large” clothes so you can be done with them. Possibly the weight may not go up (and down) as much if we knew we didn’t have the extra clothing to hold us back! Yes, I am guilty of this and still have those baggy shirts that look like maternity dresses. I just put a coat in my donation bin that made me look dowdy and older than I really am! Now, do we really need others to think that we are older and bigger AND wider than we really are? I'm ready to dress my age, but I also want to dress my size.


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