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Fashion Mistakes Women Make 2014

Updated on August 27, 2014

A Stylish Intro

Welcome to you all and thanks for reading. This hub is the twelve fashion mistakes women are making in 2014, whether they are old mistakes or slightly newer ones, we all make them at some point in our lives.

Ever looked back at photos of yourself and thought, 'oh my god why did I think that looked good?' simple, you've outgrown the style which is no longer appropriate for the time. Style is switched up, changed and made more extreme as time goes on but we will always have the basic elements of older styles that will never go out of fashion.

At the bottom of this page you will find basic essentials that everyone should incorporate in their wardrobe that will never fail to keep you looking stylish and chic.

KFC bargain breasts, thighs and everything else.

The most basic rule of fashion is if your cleavage is on show, your back, legs and bottom must be fully covered, if the legs are on show, cover everything else.

We seem to be running short on class and whilst many young women will scream at the thought of having to- gasp - wear something that covers them, it is a very classical fashion rule that if you have one out, you must cover the rest. Showing a little skin is great, especially for an evening event, however it's only considered daring with a plunging neckline, a backslash or a high thigh, exposing more than one at once is like sending a call to the fashion police, it goes from classy to trashy in an instant.

Be mysterious, show some skin if you want but keep it secure so nothing falls out and you don't show too much. Mystery is attractive, a small flash of skin is daring and daring is good but having it all out for the world to see instantly draws the attention from a classy kind of girl to up for a quickie in the bar bogs kind of girl, which isn't classy at all.

Classy sexy celebrities: Jennifer Lawrence, Kristin Davis, Angelina Jolie, Adele, Shailene Woodley, Emma Watson, Dakota Fanning.

Bar Bog Quickie celebrities: Miley Cyrus, Lady Gaga, Lindsay Lohan, Snooki, Rihanna, Michelle McGee, Megan Fox, Cheryl Cole, Paris Hilton, Katie Price.

This is not club wear, or casual wear or anything wear.
This is not club wear, or casual wear or anything wear.

Crazy Pixie Rainbow Puke

How else to describe the seemingly increasing fashion among women from their teens, yes, even until middle-aged women. Ever seen them walking around with an excessive amount of facial piercings, heavy winged eyeliner often with little dots or stars under the eyes, rainbow hair with woollen pastel dreadlocks filled with beads and even- gasp - baby pacifiers tangled in them amongst the wildlife.

It is a mixture of hippie, rave, indie and extreme music fan.

If you really want to go for the hippy style, try pairing a mixture of 70's boho with 60's hippie, instead of rainbow neon nyan cat. Look into blanket wraps which are about to hit an extreme trend for autumn 2014, pair with leggings, cleated chelsea boots, circular glasses, a beanie and a flowing casual top and you've got a stunning yet classic outfit. Not enough? throw in a beaded boho backpack and belt the blanket wrap with a black belt around the middle with some long bead earrings.

Check out the image of Vanessa Hudgens above, she has struck the right cord with her stylish 70's chic.

If you still can't let go of your colours, go for ombre hair and pair your outfits with bold accessories. Bold and primary colours are extremely stylish this year so incorporate some of those into your look (sensibly) instead of mixing it all up in a Jolly Ranchers sprinkle mix.

We applaud Vanessa Hudgens here looking stylish and extremely retro without going way OTT
We applaud Vanessa Hudgens here looking stylish and extremely retro without going way OTT

Oversized Blowout

We all adore a pair of leggings with an oversized jumper or cardigan for when the weather gets chilly, it's cute, stylish and never fails to impress, but when oversized is taken to a new level, it loses all cuteness and style.

Most oversized clothing is designed to fit your size just looser, often very slouchy and long, but some people choose to take oversize overboard and buy several sizes too big to make it even bigger hoping it will make them even cuter, but this always goes wrong. Nothing screams bag lady like wearing clothes that are hanging off of you.

Oversize should fit comfortably and loosely but still sit around the frame comfortably without getting in your way, you shouldn't have to keep rolling up your sleeves, untangling yourself or adjusting your clothes as they will hang just right on you. If you are a size 8 in a regular cardigan then purchase a size 8-10 in oversize, if you are a size 14, buy a size 14 oversize, don't be a size 6 that buys clothes in a 14 and wonders why oversize makes you look like a child dressing in a grown man's clothing.

Below is an example of oversize down to perfection. Oversize should strike the right balance between comfy and stylish. Oversize clothing should never be worn together, an oversize top with leggings or tight jeans is fine, but don't wear them with flares, baggy boyfriends or joggers as the look you're going for will fail to exist.

Oversize clothing done just right.
Oversize clothing done just right.

Slug Brows

These are one of the worst fashion mistakes anyone could possibly make. There is nothing worse than someone rocking a bombshell of an outfit, their hair glossing to perfection, their skin stunning and their shoes making everyone around them green with envy only to turn around and have the worst eyebrows in the history of eyebrows.

Here's a simple test to do. Fill your eyebrows in as you normally do and take a photo, look at it. Your eyebrows look disgusting. Feel offended or ready to argue about it? Your eyebrows are bad.

Eyebrows should be filled in with a brow mascara the same as your natural colour or one shade darker, they should be slightly uneven as almost everyone's natural eyebrows are not perfectly symmetrical. If your hair fairly thick or straight brows, keep them that way, thinning them down too much will make you look surprised or even ill. Eyebrows should also not look thick, gooey or have square inner corners.

Celebrity examples of horrendously unstylish eyebrows: Lindsay Lohan, Lady Gaga, Angelina Jolie, Lil' Kim, Cher Lloyd, Kate Middleton and Cara Devigne.

Celebrities with good eyebrows: Katy Perry, Kate Beckinsale, Emma Watson, Adele, Alesha Dixon, Keira Knightley and Kristen Stewart.

The perfect example of very bad eyebrows that are far too dark and severe for her face.
The perfect example of very bad eyebrows that are far too dark and severe for her face.

Denim- Denim

Denim over denim is a fashion mistake every woman makes, especially in the early 2000s and very recently when denim hit a super high of high street fashion. Currently in 2014 pretty much every woman owns at least one denim jacket. The main question people ask is "what do you wear a denim jacket with" the best answer is not with anything denim!

Too much denim clashes and does not go well together, the same as those awful denim jumpsuits that were briefly in fashion years ago. Denim can be very unflattering when piled on top, be careful when pairing it, denim should be paired with leggings, a jersey or maxi skirt, printed trousers (in some cases) or even very stylish, properly fitted straight leg jogging bottoms in the most casual way, almost anything is better than wearing jeans or a denim shirt or denim anything with a denim jacket.

Denim is not very feminine on its own, this is why boyfriend or loosely fitting denim jeans tend to slightly masculinise the figure and prevent you wearing a hooded top or a boxy t-shirt with them. Denim goes with fitted clothing.

Still can't picture it? Think jailhouse farm girl meets manual labour and 2000s urban life.


Underwear Outwear

This is a style that is making a stronger comeback than ever. Whilst many women use the feminism card, the anti-rape card and the women's rights card, there's a big factor they're missing. It's never appropriate to walk around in your french fancies or have them out on display for the world to see. This goes hand-in-hand with the first fashion mistake, the bargain breasts and thighs.

Symptoms of an underwear flasher:

  • Intentionally wearing a top low enough to expose the bra partially or fully.
  • Wearing sheer clothing with no shorts or vest under them to cover your underwear.
  • Long t-shirt or short dress with suspenders clipped to hold-ups or over knee socks on display.
  • Thongs ahoy! pulling your thong up so high and wearing a top short enough for people to see or jeans low enough to expose.
  • Ruffled underwear under leggings as trousers
  • Walking around in a gothic lingerie set in public.

the last point is my favourite as recently I have seen several women walking out into offices, places of work or to the shops in corsets, suspenders, tutus and even fishnet stockings. No, they were not on their way to a special event or a party, they were standing in line or buying their food shopping in broad daylight as though it were the most normal thing in the world.

Put it away, ladies, we don't all want to see your knickers and stickers, it's not appropriate and it gives off entirely the wrong message.

Just 'cause it zips, don't mean it fits.

That's right, ladies, I'm talking about all of you out there that wear those shirts that are bursting at the seams, the jeans that are two sizes too small and the bras that give you a second set of breasts. Some women think it a good idea to wear a top a size or two too small in hopes it will make them look slimmer and curvier, the same as women sometimes wearing a bra too small will make their breasts look bigger. Not only are these ideas very untrue, they're also very uncomfortable if not unhealthy things to do.

Make sure you take your measurements and check sizing guides if ordering online. Looking your best means making sure your clothes fit you correctly. Don't buy something in a smaller size because your friends are watching, don't ask for a smaller size in hopes it will make you feel thinner and don't force yourself into clothing that's clearly too small, you'll look like an adult baby and that's not what you want to achieve, people will laugh and you will feel even worse.

Bra fitting: Measure under your bust and note down the size, now measure over your bust comfortably, not too loose or too tight just so it's resting nicely around them with no sagging or tugging, note down the size. If your back size is a 29 and your over bust is 33 inches, you are a 30C, if you measure 35 inches around your back and 37 inches over your breasts, you are a 36A.

<1-1 inch = AA 2 inches = A 3 inches = B 4 inches = C and so on. These inches are added to your back size to determine the cup. Use your over bust size to determine what clothing size you are, always check the online guides or try them on in store.

This is what you look like when you wear clothes that are too small. Just because you can do it up, doesn't mean it's your size.
This is what you look like when you wear clothes that are too small. Just because you can do it up, doesn't mean it's your size.


Most women go completely off their trolley when you dare say to them they are a teeny bit too orange today or their skin tone is a little wincy bit unnatural for their eye/hair colour. Ladies, overdoing the fake tan will make you look more orang-u-tan than human.

It's a well known fact that women with an olive skin tone look better with a tan than someone who is cool-toned. For example, Cheryl Cole is olive-skinned and looks stunning with her tan but would be washed out without it, Katy Perry looks stunning with very white skin and would look unwashed or even unwell with a tan as her skin tone is very cool. The general rule is the lighter the natural skin tone and lighter the eye colour, the lighter the tan should be. Natural skin can glow as beautifully as a tan any day so make sure you're choosing ones with the right base colour for you and you do your research first, there's nothing worse than having a bad fake tan, a bad fake tan makes you look mucky and sweaty and nobody wants to hug someone and leave half their skin colour on their clothes. Bad fake tans seem to a be a very poor fashion statement that has gotten increasingly worse over the last couple of years.

Celebrities with awful fake tans: Snooki, Rachel Hunter, Christina Aguilera, Helen Flannagan, Katie Price, Nicola Roberts (in the early Girls Aloud years), Lindsay Lohan, Paris Hilton, Pamela Anderson and Cher Lloyd.

Celebrities with Good tans: Katy Perry, Shailene Woodley, Cheryl Cole, Jennifer Lawrence and Angelina Jolie.

Example of a highly unnatural, very bad fake tan.
Example of a highly unnatural, very bad fake tan.

Boxy Blocks

By boxy blocks, I'm talking about flat solid colours that meet other flat solid colours. For example, a white t-shirt with beige trousers and black shoes. A yellow t-shirt, blue trousers and brown shoes. It's made worse when it comes to clothes that are baggy, especially workwear.

Pastels are highly stylish for spring and summer, this year and last year.

Bold statement colours and prints are brilliant for autumn and late summer this year.

Chilly iced colours and long draping scarves are stylish for winter this year.

When wearing a work shirt it should be fitted, if not you can wear a looser one but you must go tighter on the bottom half. If it's loose then pair it with a knee length black skirt with black opaque tights and patent shoes, if it's fitted then you can go either way, but not too tight on the bottom half or it may look like your clothes don't fit you properly.

Try to add a splash of colour and some funky styles in. A bit of lace, something fitted, some floral prints, aztecs and vibrant bolds. Yes, you can wear bold red with black, yes, you can wear yellow with your jeans, yes you can wear that emerald green body con dress. Look for things that have some detail whether it's just different shapes, a lace or crochet trim or even a pattern, it's all great!

Avoid colours like brown, beige and pale green as these will wash most people out, they will attract no attention and people may even think you don't know how to dress if you look like you've rubbed a bit of moss on your earthy clothes. Don't forget to accessories, a gold chain or a statement scarf can really make brighter colours pop or add a bit of flare to that boring uniform.


The Jumpsuit Nightmare

Who looks good in a jumpsuit? Nobody.

Jumpsuits are invented as boiler suits for men/women who are working in a type of onsie to fix people's boilers or do their plumbing, not to look stylish in. Whilst workwear can be very stylish, jumpsuits are not that type of stylish wear.

Jumpsuits make most people look like an overgrown toddler, they remove your feminine shape and cover you up in the most unflattering way. Have you considered trading it in for a playsuit? Floral tapered summer trousers and a crop top? please, don't wear a jumpsuit.

Nude Lips

This doesn't mean your natural lip colour or a colour that is very natural. For example very light skins look great in soft pinks, olives look good in a gentle peach or coral, very dark skin looks best in a cocoa colour. If it's close to your believable natural colour, it's not a nude lip.

Nude lips are those monstrous lips that were very stylish in 2010 that seem to be coming back in some places. They consist of women putting concealer or foundation on the lips and blending them in with their skin tone and often glossing over them making themselves look like lipless monsters.

Often these same women would wear very stark blues, blacks and reds for whatever reason to set off their new lack of lips. Nude lips are the mouths equal to slug brows, not a good look for anyone!

The Closing Section and Your Style Advise

That concludes the 12 fashion flaws many women make. Surprised by any of them? I wouldn't be surprised if you were.

Wardrobe essentials:

  • The black leather jacket, the most significant statement piece that goes with almost every outfit.
  • The oversized jumper and/or cardigan. Perfect for spring, autumn and winter and will continue to be stylish for years to come. Fluffy, textures or cable knit, take your pick of style and colour because they're perfect.
  • Black leggings. The black leggings are a piece every woman should have to wear under a skirt, under a dress, with oversized outfits or even under shorts. They are a basic essential, especially in black.
  • Little black or red dress. The classical piece, black or red it's up to you but every woman needs a little something dress for those special movie-like occasions.
  • The statement scarf. You've probably got loads of scarves but have you got one with strong print? Bold colours? Whether it's skulls or butterflies, grab yourself a statement scarf because it will spice up any plain outfit.
  • The black tote. The simple black tote bag is an essential, it adds a touch of class to every outfit.

If there are any beastly fashions you cannot stand, leave them in the comments below.


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