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Fashion Youtubers to Watch

Updated on April 16, 2020
Nicole Val profile image

Nicole is a college student majoring in Civil Engineering. During her spare time, she is finding fashion trends that she enjoys.

YouTube is a platform where everyone has voice. Whether it's the topic of comedy, beauty, cuisine, or games, there is something for everyone. Fashion is also one of the largest categories that YouTube has. So, with so many YouTubers creating content centered around fashion there can be some left in the dark. This article list will some fashion YouTubers who deserve a little more recognition in no particular order.

1. StealTheSpotlight

Katie is on this list because her style mostly reflects streetwear. She is a huge lover of Korean fashion and K-Pop, in which many of her videos are based off of. Her style although usually based on streetwear, does not mean she doesn't go outside of her comfort zone. There is always a little bit of everything in her channel, from thrifting to styling unpopular trends to dressing like anime characters. Her creative side is always something to enjoy when watching her videos! Some may consider her style a bit odd or uncommon, but that is what makes her even more awesome. She doesn't seem bothered by what others say and focuses on what makes her feel good and confident. Her videos are always show people that if you are confident and comfortable in what you're wearing, then the rest doesn't matter. Her creativeness and her love for K-Pop has given her many fun videos on her channel such as Dressing Like My KPOP Playlist! or Dressing in Monochromatic Oufits. There is not shortage of entertainment in Katie's channel. She is truly someone to watch if you're interested in Korean fashion or just wanting to have a little fun with her love of K-Pop. Her personality is fun and laid back, making it natural for you to want to stay and watch more of her videos.


2. Miss Louie

Erica Louie has minimal style when it comes to her channel. For those who don't like experimenting with many different colors or just like the look of timeless chic, Miss Louie your girl. With her aesthetically pleasing and informative videos, it's hard not to fall in love with her sweetness. Her videos seem almost dream-like with the color palette of her home and wardrobe. Soft, nude, and basic colors are usually what she gravitates towards, incorporating a pop of color once in a while. Erica gives wonderful advice when it comes up with looks for outfits in any season and a place to start if you're wanting to create your own wardrobe capsule anytime of year. Anything chic and timeless, she has you covered. From travel outfits to workout gear, Erica shows that you never have to give up your style doing anything your life. There's also videos for men who want upgrade their wardrobe. However, although fashion is what her channel is mostly about, it isn't the only thing that interests her. In some her videos, she talks about revamping her apartment and shows how to create a minimalist apartment that can reflects her minimalist style. It goes very in depth on how she designed each part of her apartment and gives viewers a chance to get inspired and redecorate their homes as well. Being elegant and chic is effortless, and she isn't afraid to prove it.


3. Sierra Schultzzie

Sierra Schultzzie is a bubbly young girl who is body positive and encourages everyone to be kind to their bodies. Her videos revolve on fashion videos that give off a positive message to those who aren't comfortable with their bodies. One series of videos she has is Recreating Iconic Celebrity Photos. The point of these videos are not look exactly like the celebrity themselves, but rather show what a normal woman would look like under those same circumstances. She of course has other videos ranging from DIY hacks and clothing hauls from different stores. Although Sierra creates videos based on those topics, she always adds her own little fun twist on things. When doing hauls, she may used size comparison to show that size is only just a tag on your clothes, and it does not define the person. Creativity flows in Sierra's channel, making it seem that you aren't just watching someone from a screen, but rather you are meeting up with an old friend that you haven't seen in a while. Her naturally warm personality and the oozing excitement that she has with every video makes it hard to make you want to leave. Especially when she tackles topics that she herself struggles with on a day to day basis. Relatable and fun is a way to describe Sierra Schultzzie's channel. You might go in for the fashion aspect, but you will stay for Sierra herself.


Everyone is Different

Each creator is different, and that is good. Each of these 3 fashion YouTubers have their own style and their own message that their channels want to project. Whether it is that there is no reason to not mix your passions with fashion, that being elegant doesn't require a lot of work, or that your body type does not have be restricted to certain styles, there is always something out there for you. These 3 ladies have 3 different messages, so it is up to you to choose which one fits your lifestyle the most.


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