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Fashion And The Online Store

Updated on September 27, 2010

Header & images I used For my Business Website

Image used for Logo Recognition
Image used for Logo Recognition

Fashion is what everyone looks to for getting ahead today. We all want to look our best and be noticed in a good way. Remember the days in school when the smallest change in our appearance could spell disaster? Make no mistake the wrong change would not be funny to the person that got the wrong kind of attention. Every thing from the shoes on your feet to the hat on your head finds its way into the politics of being noticed either for popularity or for ridicule.

Marketing On The Web

How to, becomes the Fashion of today. When choosing the style and design of online presents fashion can make or break a shopping experience. Many times you go to a site and the look is so bad that exit is the first thing that customers do, never to see the products the web site may be trying to promote. This can be a finance nightmare to the owner of such a site. On the other hand, well thought out and pleasing to the eye web sites can actually get talked about and then commented on by shoppers. The people that find this site will come back too. That is what we are trying to accomplish anyway is it not?

Where To Start

Look at a few sites, and surf through to see the way different web sites display their products, and descriptions. Check out their ranking to see how well the site is received by the internet. Do the products sell or not. Would you buy from the site because if you are not moved, so then would someone else?

Lay out your thoughts on paper and be sure to run them by your friends, ask for their input about what they think of your efforts. A word of advice here, understand that you may not like the input you may get. But for the most part two, or three heads are sometimes better than one because, you may not think of every thing.

Here is a site that has a good look and full of different pages for associate fashion store links "Click Here"

Changing Designs and Application

Every day there have been changes to how people do there business online. New and faster applications, companies that streamline their sites and the cost of doing online business dictates an ever changing atmosphere in the fashion world online. Most of the changes have made the experience online exciting and fun. Ease of browsing from one place to another makes it possible to do almost anything with the design of a fashion website. In the past couple of years fashion has made it to the Mobile phones we use everyday. Shopping on line is now even on the move literally. A shop online now has the ability to find and direct customers to their store featuring deals and specials to attract the searching buyer through the most convenient venue to date.

Social Sites Help Too

Customers are the life blood of an online store, and the brick and mortar has known this fact since the beginning. The question that come to bare, "How to get customers to find and come to the store"? Socials and News media has always been an excellent way to advertise the store and what it has to offer. Now with sites like "facebook", "MySpace", "Twitter", "YouTube" and many others have made it easier to set up rite on those sites. Applications sponsored by those companies can put your specials rite on your account site. Facebook features a "MYDeals" page as an option for users to advertise and display specials on products associated with your business.

Wiglets On Your Site

Widgets are divisions on a website where you can place ads, make links that are embedded rite on the site, place galleries of photos, sign up opt ins for lists or news letters.The widget allows the design of a page to pop with color and flash. Movie, mp3, DVD trailers can be previewed rite on the page. A store associate site link can even display almost anywhere on the page. One example of this can be found on the website listed link at the bottom of this paragraph.

Click Here To Go To Example Site

Links and Banner Ads

Link ads and banner ads can be successfully incorporated on your site to offset cost. Many affiliate partnerships pay for generated traffic through means of ads you place on your web site that promote high fashion products. There are link building sites that will let you enter a title and link to highly promoted traffic. The links that are branded can be protected by hidden link affiliate names that cannot be stolen or edited to give credit to the hacks that try to steal them.

CLICK HERE FOR One Such Site Brander Found Here

This text italicized was a link to an example of branding a product or affiliate called "LINKBRANDER" that I use to cloak my link ID to prevent my commissions fromĀ  being hijacked. The only problem is that Hub Pages disallowed that link and threatened my hub to be disabled and unpublished for not conforming to their rule even thou I feel it is a good example. So that too is a thought you need to keep in mind when doing business online. The internet has its quirks to be dealt with and avoided. Many things on the internet may seem unfair, but if you don't make adjustments you can be blocked, blacklisted and even deleted. You see if a site is for example promoted by the hosts competitor then your chances of having conflicts is greater. One example could be if you endorse a drink like "Coke" in the ballpark like "Pepsi Field". I like to say its like minding your competitors business. The thing with that is, in the long run you lose site of your own, and that almost always leads to your competitor overcoming your place in the community of commerce. Remember Yahoo, it was once the leader in internet and computer innovation information, even having a magazine published in print. Hello Google, then there was MySpace, Hello Facebook.

Word Press Promotion

One really good way to promote your online store presence is using as a website host, and install it on your site. There are millions of readers and publishers using Word Press Themes to promote and to publish really good information. Along with the viability Word Press brings there is the Professional Image that is presented by the authority it bears.

"Windows Live (formerly MSN) Spaces is shutting down and migrating their 30million+ users to" That statement brings even more good news for those that want to get noticed. Now with the tools that the two giants of the industry are using your experience and presents can be optimized to really accelerate your business.

For a simple example of such a WordPress site "CLICK HERE"


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