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Long Nails Are Sexy

Updated on August 8, 2009
Simple and elegant.
Simple and elegant.

When I was a kid, ghetto nails were all the rage. Most of the girls in school dropped into their nail salon every week to have their tips changed and fills taken care of. I'll admit, some of the airbrushed styles looked pretty creative. And I never ceased to be amazed by anyone who could pencil in quiz answers while sporting 6 inch nails. It was all very glamorous.

A little long, but very creative.
A little long, but very creative.

Back when I was a teenager, anyway. Today, I have a different opinion - ghetto nails are whack. That's not to say airbrushed nails can't be attractive. They can be, provided they aren't longer than your forearm. I realize I can't convince all of you to retire your claws and trade them in for something more sophisticated. But that doesn't mean you can't update your look.

Easy does it on the glitter.

I confess, I love glitter. I would never wear it, personally, but I do appreciate it all the same. In the case of manicures, glitter can have a snazzy effect. It can add glamour to a simple style when done right. If done wrong, however, it can make you look like a kid who got into her grade-school arts and crafts box. If you're a grown woman and have some need to sport this look, aim for moderation.

One 3D doodad will do.

These 3D thingamajigs are quite popular with some folk. They do look pretty nifty, and I'm not discounting them. But, ladies, you don't need them on every finger. One per hand will suffice. One on every finger just makes you look silly.

Creative, but still claws.
Creative, but still claws.

Bigger isn't better.

Super long nails are creepy. There are no ifs, ands or buts, here. If you want long nails, that's fine, but keep them under control. Generally speaking, they don't really need to be longer than twice the length of your nailbed. And even that looks too long on some people.

Pretty, but quite long.
Pretty, but quite long.

They're nails, not daggers.

If you want elegant nails, file them straight across. Don't shape them into a point that resembles a spearhead - that's just not sexy. Don't file them into an oval, either, that just looks cheap.

Black nails are not sexy.
Black nails are not sexy.

Mind your complexion.

Black women tend to be able to get away with all kinds of colors on their nails. White women tend to think they can too, but really, they can't. Just because you like a certain shade of green, doesn't mean it's going to look good on you. No sense complaining about it, that's just how it is. If you want to be able to get away with fuchsia, you should visit your tanning salon first.

Personally, I've had short nails since I was a kid. It just made playing the piano easier, and it makes typing easier for me as well. I do love nails, though, and I've been known to have mine done on occasion. I prefer a simple French manicure when I do, and I keep the length long, but moderate.

If you're an avid nail buff, by all means, express yourself as you see fit. Just remember, your nails will be sending messages to anyone who sees them. You may want to consider whether or not that message is accurate.

xx Isabella


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