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Fashionable Spring Trends for 2012

Updated on March 17, 2015

Finally, spring hits the calendar! Any idea on what's good to wear this fabulous season? I looked for great outfits from different designers. I was amazed and even dazzled with those heavenly and classy wardrobes.

Fashion changes very quickly and so we should look for something that will never goes out of style. I’d like to share and keep you up to date with the latest fashion trends for this year. I will show you some inspiration on various styles and how to wear it. So if you are very interested with fashion, keep on reading! And I would love to hear your fashionable wardrobe plans for this great season.

Designers do their best to come up with something new and would surprise us, all girls, and we end up craving to wear one. On the other hand, sometimes we get lost because we are amazed with the styles, color and fabrics. What we don’t really know is that all of them worked with the same set of ideas – TRENDS. So, here are some trendy spring fashions for all of you.

#1 Fashion trend: CROPPED TOPS

Oh yes! It is spring all ready and it’s time to show off some skin. This year’s spring, cropped tops would be very trendy. This is the hottest summer trend this year. Make sure to pick the perfect length and shape that would suit your personality and keep it classy.

#2 Fashion trend: BRA TOPS

If you want to reveal more skin and look more daring, bra tops is great alternative for cropped tops. Prepare to be the head-turner wearing this.

#3 Fashion trend: HOTPANTS

From top to bottom. Hotpants is very trendy and popular to most of the designers today. It comes in a variety of style and color. You can choose either denim, leather, hign or low-waisted, wide or tight-fitting. So perfect for spring/summer!

#4 Fashion trend: FLORAL PRINT

Floral printed outfits will never go out of style. Most designers always include floral designed on their collections to make it more feminine and attractive.

#5 Fashion trend: Asymmetrical hemlines

If you like to have a classic look then let’s give it a twist to make it more alive. One of the interesting idea is the asymmetrical hemline. It is amazing! You girls would love.

#6 Fashion trend: COLD SHOULDER

Now, this is my favorite! It’s sexy, classy and very fashionable. Whoever made this, thanks a lot! It makes the entire outfit seductive and fabulous!

There are more classy trends out there that would rock your spring season! You just need to be creative and fashionable.

here's a recap on the various trends mentioned above:

  • Cropped tops
  • Bra tops
  • Hotpants
  • Floral-printed
  • Asymmetrical hemlines
  • Cold Shoulder

There are more fashionable spring trends for 2012 that you might love to check out. You girls would definitely run to shop for this fabulous trends!

So here you go!

  • Wide shorts
  • Total white
  • Black and white
  • Summer suits
  • Sheer clothing
  • Rounded shoulders
  • Print mix
  • Pleats
  • Peplum
  • One shoulder
  • Perforated fabrics
  • Lace dresses
  • Fringe
  • Boudoir fashion
  • Boat neck
  • Animal trends

I hope you love my list! Hoping for more fashionable trends in the coming year!


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