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Fashionable designer rings can make a great buy

Updated on July 15, 2011

When wedding bells are ringing all around and you are contemplating proposing to your fiancé, you would no doubt want to have the perfect engagement ring handy. There are many designer rings available in the market and you can choose to opt for as many patterns as you like. After the royal wedding sapphire and diamond engagement rings are hot once again. You don’t need to go for a boring solitaire like always, select something stylish, smart, trendy and fashionable for your love. But if she likes the classic solitaire then don’t make the mistake of picking something else. Make sure you spend some time finding out what kind of jewelry she likes before making a buy.

Compare gemstone settings

There are numerous styles available in designer rings. If you want to buy one with a stone that looks stunning, then researching on the kinds of settings that are available for gemstones is important. A bezel setting will make the stone look larger and will definitely win you some extra love from her. It will set off the stone beautifully and also look utterly elegant when you spring the question on the big night.

Pick the metal and the brand

When deciding on fashion rings, ensure that you buy something set in a metal like platinum or gold. If your fiancé is the sort who does not like yellow gold, opt for white gold, pink gold or silver. Check out top brands like Tiffany, they aren’t really beyond your reach and many a time you might just find the perfect ring in their store if you know what you are looking for. Online shopping has made the top brands easily accessible to people without the hassle of visiting multiple jewelers. Just make sure you pick a reputed jewelry that will offer you a certificate of purchase and will not be taking you for a ride on the cost.

Insure it

If you are making a really expensive buy, get the ring insured. Protecting yourself against theft is important and insuring expensive jewelry is something that will definitely protect your interests. Your annual premium on the insurance will be about 2 % of the actual appraised value of the gemstone in most cases. Compare costs and then decide on a good policy if you are spending a lot of money on your designer engagement ring.

Colored diamonds

Today people are looking at colored diamonds in a number of shades like pink, yellow, brown and canary. These colored diamonds are a great buy if you want to opt for something less expensive and definitely high on style. Make sure you know the price well, untreated raw stones are more precious and harder to find so look for these if they fit your budget. A colored pink diamond or brown diamond surrounded by other gemstones will make a beautiful ring. You can buy the stones from a reputed dealer and choose to have it custom made as well if you like. With so many fashion rings available, things are definitely easier today though.


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