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Fat Tummy + Cellulite = Feeling Good In Lingerie

Updated on October 13, 2009

Sometimes it's hard to feel good in lingerie. No matter how lovely the lingerie is, our bodies might occasionally fail to show it off to its best advantage. Fat tummies and cellulite are two of the biggest obstacles stopping most women looking like lingerie models. (Mostly because the majority of women aren't genetic freaks existing on a diet of pure amphetamines, but I digress.)

Before I address some fixes to common problems, I'd like to encourage you all to consider a realistic expectation for your body. This can be an issue for women especially, and it is not helped by the fact that most magazines seem to promote a pre pubescent body as being ideal. We are a long way away from the days of Botticelli's nudes, where voluptuous women were considered attractive, cellulite and all!


Cellulite is a problem that strikes ladies more than men, and often appears in the thigh area.  Again, cellulite is normal, even waif Mischa Barton has suffered for her cellulite in the cruel lens of the paparazzi. Tanning creams can lessen the appearance of cellulite if it is really bothering you. There are also a wide range of treatments designed to shrink the cellulite cells and to break them up, your milage will vary with these. Personally I would call them mostly snake oil and a waste of time, but others do swear by them, including Kim Kardashian.

Fat Tummy

Both men and women can carry unwanted weight around their mid sections. For men it's a beer gut, for women it may be the result of childbirth or the fact that you're no longer 18 years old. A little extra weight in this region is fairly normal, but it can spoil a panty line. So how do you fix it? First of all, make sure your panties are the right size!

It is very tempting to buy clothing in sizes which are too small so that we feel thin, but at the end of the day there is no point in squeezing yourself into panties which just pinch waist fat and make you look larger than you really are (I'm guilty of this one myself, so don't feel bad if you've got more than a couple of panties in completely the wrong size.)

Aerobic and cardio exercise can help shrink the tummy. Remember that there is no such thing as spot training, so you're going to have to lose weight all over if you want to loose weight on your stomach (yes, that means from your breasts as well!)


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    • eva43 profile image


      9 years ago

      Simply shows that even thosewho are well-known and have beautiful faces are affected with cellulite too. :)


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