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This Hair Accessory Will Make You An Instant Hit For The Party!

Updated on April 28, 2012


Hair extensions are the always hot in the world of hair fashion. If you have always wanted to color your hair but repressed the desire considering side-effects such as massive hair fall and gradual hair thinning then hair extensions are just the right choice for you!

Most women find synthetic hair extensions either very cheap looking or too simple. If you also think the same way then you might want to try feather hair extensions. They look a lot more fashionable and come in various patterns.

Feather Hair Extensions
Feather Hair Extensions

What Are Feather Hair Extensions?

Wondering what the difference between the normal hair extensions and feather hair extensions is? Well, as the name suggests feather hair extensions are made from the feathers of birds such as roosters. This is the reason they are alternatively also referred to as rooster feather hair extensions. The fact that they are rooster feathers ensures that the extensions are long enough to meet the requirement of people with any hair length.

Which Feather Hair Extension Is Best?

For starters, there are basically two types of feather hair extensions depending upon the process of attachment. Feather hair extensions can be attached to the hair either by using adhesive or by clipping it onto the hair. Attaching them with adhesive ensures that your extensions stay in place for several months - about 6 months on an average. The general review for semi-permanent feather hair extensions is not very positive. This is owing to the fact that, the process of taking off the glued feather hair extensions might result in massive hair loss.

Therefore, most women opt for clip-on feather hair extensions. As the name suggests, all you need to do is to clip them on to your hair. The first step is to put the complimentary circular-plastic attachment around the strand you want to fix the extension to. Once this is done put the joint side of the extension into the socket of the plastic attachment. Now all you need to do is to compress the attachment to make the clip-in feather hair extension stay in place. And, you will be all set to show off your new look to the world!

Feather Hair Extensions
Feather Hair Extensions | Source

Where To Get Them From?

You will be able to get these extensions very easily in any local beauty-product market. However, it will be a good idea to contact your local beauty parlors, since they buy such stuff regularly. These extensions are available in various colors depending upon the roosters they have been plucked from. The most commonly available colors are golden, black, brown, white, and ash. If you are willing to pay more, then you might even get yourself blue clip-in feather hair extensions.

For regular use you may just want to try simple feather hair extensions. However, if you are going for parties you may better choose bright colors such as golden, white etc. In fact, you can also try artificially colored clip-on feather hair extensions which allow you a greater option of colors. There are some combination feather hair extensions which come with shiny synthetic hair extensions along with the rooster feather. These could be a killer for teenager parties!

To Sum Up

Feather hair extensions are the very popular in hair fashion. Clip-in feather hair extensions are a lot more convenient that the semi-permanent ones. Make sure to co-ordinate the extensions according to your skin tone, personality, and the occasion.


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