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Feather Hair Extensions – Why you should say NO to them!

Updated on June 29, 2013

Feather hair extensions have become a fashion trend among most girls and women, thanks to celebrities like Miley Cyrus and Hilary Duff who have championed its use. But a terrifying truth about them is feather hair extensions kill roosters!

Background about feather hair extensions

Usually, the feathers used for hair extensions are the same feathers used by fly fisherman as lures. Also, these feathers are no ordinary feathers because it takes years and years to develop chickens to grow these feathers. Unfortunately, most people don't know that traditional feather hair extensions are made by first killing the animal that they came from.

Most clients prefer using feather extensions because they look great, adding them is easy and more importantly, just like regular hair extensions, the feathers can be brushed, blow dried, straightened and curled once they are snapped into place.

It’s very distressing to see how hundreds of roosters are killed in the name of a fashion trend. Did you know, roosters are genetically bred and raised for their plumage? Because this is an artificial process, sadly, most birds do not survive the plucking.

An eco-friendly alternative to feather hair extensions

To stop cruelty towards animals (roosters), several hair product companies have come up with a better, more eco-friendly and cruelty-free alternative to feather hair extensions. These extensions are made of the finest quality 100% Remy human hair and are completely synthetic free. Also, while applying them, you don’t need to use heat, glues, waxes or chemicals.

You can wear these extensions without feeling guilty for killing roosters! Not only are they safe and eco-friendly, but they are completely synthetic free, and their micro cylinder bonds are made from recyclable copper.

How to apply eco-friendly hair extension

Here’s a video tutorial showing how to apply eco-friendly hair extensions. This video is a part of the episode library of ScissorBoy TV – an online TV series for hairstylists.

If you support the use of eco-friendly feather extensions, please share this video with your friends and fellow hairstylists. Killing innocent birds for fashion is dumb. Prevent the hair and beauty industry from disrepute by saying NO to using feather hair extensions.


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