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February is Prom Month

Updated on February 20, 2017

Prom tips:dresses, hairstyles and shoes

The month of February is the month that most of the teenagers are excited and not just teenagers but other people who are in a relationship (because of Valentines) or they have something to celebrate during this month. But I'm going to tackle about the teenagers who will be attending their Junior and Seniors Prom.

What is Prom? Prom is a short term for Promenade wherein high school students will dress formally or semi formally for this special day and of course they will be having a formal dance with their chosen partners. Prom is also a way to say goodbye to the seniors and give something to the juniors like for example a key for the upcoming juniors to keep and be reminded of their responsibilities.

Prom night usually happens before February 14 or sometime before the end of the month of February. But before the awaiting night, the teenagers are going to prepare on what to wear during that day. The girls mostly are the one's who is high maintenance when it comes to dresses, their hair styles, make up and shoes. But they are lucky because the mothers are the one's who will do the shopping and choosing for their perfect outfit. I remember during my junior years, my classmate and her mother invited me to this fashion house and got to talk to the designer. At first, i really don't know what is happening until the designer talked to me and my classmate on what do we want on our dresses and basically we are going to instruct her the designs (ha-ha) anyways, I was grateful and thankful to my aunt for giving me that opportunity to wear a beautiful gown. As for the boys, they are ready anytime to go to the prom with their chosen suites or tuxedo with their simple hairstyle.

Dresses for the girls:

The dresses are the center of attraction during this night. This is also somewhat of a competition on who wears the best dress and will became the prom queen. The dresses are either be short dress or like a cocktail dress or a long dress.To add to the beauty of the dress, a sequin will do to pop up the beauty and establish a beautiful impact to the viewers.

Prom Tuxedo:

The guys come early during prom night since they are not that meticulous on what they will wear but they make sure to look good and attract women and maybe dance with them during this special day. During our prom my classmate wore a white tuxedo and he is the only one who has that color and so he won as the prom king therefore my tip for you guys is to wear a tux with a shocking color, i mean those colors who is not common especially during prom.

Hairstyles and Make up:

The hair is the crowning glory for us girls and during prom it takes time to decide on what hairstyles we want and so we must be as early as possible in the salon. You can also choose the style that you want but if you have not yet decided then the stylist can help you and they will make sure that you will look good on that day (as for me I prefer that my hair to be simple and pulled back but still noticeable). But As for the make up, the make up artist will also help you but you can tell them what you like( it can be a smokey eyes or you want to have a light lipstick).


We can never go to the prom without any accessories. You can wear a necklace, bracelet or ring during this day.Do not also forget to bring a clutch bag so that you can put your necessary things in there like a tissue or a make up kit if you need a retouch. Wear also a wrist watch so that you will know the time when to text or call your parents to pick you up.


To complete the entire outfit, you should decide the right shoes. You should choose shoes that fits your feet perfectly because you don't want a big or small shoes to ruin the entire night. It is not always perfect when you match the color of your dress to the color of your shoes. You can mix and match without putting aside of having a perfect outfit.

To those who will be attending their prom my advice is that you have to enjoy every moment of it. If you don't have a partner, so what!you have your friends to be their for you and enjoy the entire night. Take some pictures to serve as a remembrance because Js Prom are like a gateway especially the seniors to leave the high school life and enter college life with greater responsibility for them to excel in their chosen career.


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    • profile image

      Michelle 6 years ago

      thank you for this info..Now I have an idea about dresses and I know now what to choose..