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Feelmax Footwear

Updated on December 12, 2011

Go Barefoot!

“Go Barefoot!” is the philosophy of this Finnish footwear company. It is one of several companies getting in on the desire for people to return to the “natural” way of walking, running and playing. Like several other companies, it has constructed a shoe for those who wish to be comfortable and natural while improving their posture and/or motor abilities.

Feelmax Footwear

What Is Feelmax Footwear?

Feelmax Oy started off manufacturing toe socks. In 2007, the company began to produce shoes. Recently, they have expanded their market beyond Europe into North America.

What Does Feelmax Footwear Do?

The inspiration for Feelmax footwear is the mutkos. These are the moccasins of the Sami (Lapp) people of Finland. Moccasins have no heel. They hug the feet, conforming to its natural shape. This new, yet old, design allows the shoes to be used for a variety of different purposes.

Feelmax shoes are for training, sports activities, office wear, the gym, Yoga pursuits, beach jogging and contact sports. Comfortable and lightweight Feelmax shoes provide the wearer with the sensation of walking barefoot. The walker, runner and jogger can feel the earth beneath his or her feet without harming them.

The heel of Feelmax is level with the rest of the shoe. In fact, there is no heel. The sole is one with the base of the foot. The positioning of the foot permits it to walk naturally. In doing so, it forces the spine and the pelvis to assume a more natural position than heeled shoes. The work of the foot, particularly, exercises the toes forcing them to become more efficient.

Properties of Feelmax Footwear

How Does Feelmax Footwear Work?

Two specific aspects of Feelmax footwear factor into their ability to function as comfortable, ultra-light shoes. These are technology and design. Feelmax uses the shape of the foot to provide a shoe that molds to rather than packages the foot. The design process creates a shoe without a heel. It also eliminates the sense of separation of the upper shoe from the sole. The design of Feelmax shoes creates the appearance of the shoe being a single entity and not a sum of parts.

Contributing to the ability of the shoe to mimic the barefoot experience is its weight. Feelmax shoes claim to be the lightest footwear on the market. Each shoe weighs approximately 4 ounces. This allows for greater ease of walking, running or jogging. It also means the owner of Feelmax shoes can roll them up and stuff them in a bag or even a pocket.

The technology utilized in Feelmax footwear is Schöller-Keprote fabric. This material, containing Kevlar, protects the sole of the foot and footwear. It does not interfere, however, with the movement of the foot. The sole, like the shoe in its entirety, is very light. It weighs approximately 1 ounce.

Who Wears Feelmax Footwear?

Feelmax Footwear are slowly become popular in the United States. Joggers, walkers and runners are beginning to learn about their comfort, their lightweight design and versatility. Today, several Finnish celebrities are very fond of their Feelmax Footwear. Among them are Markus Niemelä and Else Lautala. Markus Niemelä is a race car driver in the GB2-series. Else Lautala is a fitness model who operates out of Helsinki.

Feelmax Footwear Typology

There are several types of Feelmax shoes. All are fashionable ; some are quite stylish. Most feature the same technology – particularly Schöller-Keprote fabric. All are lightweight footwear. None weighs more than 4.23 ounces (120 grams).

 Feelmax shoes are available for men, women and children. The colors are basic: black, white, pink, brown with different highlights. There are, to date, no patterned Feelmax shoes. The list below includes only those types of shoes available in North America in 2009.

Kuuva Shoes/Kuuva Boots

Kuuva are the soft boot-type shoes of the Feelmax line of footwear. They consist of clarion yellowstone/canvas. Colors tend to be soft such as dark brown. This matches the design concept of the shoe, giving it a fashionable appeal. Wear these when you are on the go, or just want to be sensible.

Kuusaa Shoes

These shoes use the light Schöller-Keprote fabric. A heel strap makes pulling them on and taking off easier. Wearing these shoes is like wearing nothing at all. The shoes fit snuggly, creating a relaxing feel to your feet while still providing the necessary protection your feet need. They look great, too.

Buy Feelmax Niesa online

Feelmax Niesa Women's (Euro Size 37)
Feelmax Niesa Women's (Euro Size 37)

Niesa Shoes feature a Velcro strap. There are 3 fixed short elastic laces or bands. This fashionable model has the Benecke CeraPrene outsole. Niesa footwear comes in black and Snow White. It is available for both men and women.


Niesa Shoes

Niesa Shoes feature a Velcro strap. There are 3 fixed short elastic laces or bands. This fashionable model has the Benecke CeraPrene outsole. Niesa footwear comes in black and Snow White. It is available for both men and women. It compliments virtually any look you are wearing. You will like the look and the feel of these.

Osma Maxfeel Shoes

Osma Maxfeel shoes are available in blue and white. They feature the wrap around sensation and lightweight of all Feelmax footwear. These shoes are considered unisex in appeal and design. Sport them around town, at the office or even at school for comfort, ultra support and a great fashion statement.

Panka Shoes

This type of shoe comes in sizes for both men and women. Laces allow you to tighten and loosen the shoe ensuring a comfortable fit. They are available in basic black. Put these on and have more control over the shoes and the way they feel. These are practical, feel good shoes to wear.

Tieva Shoes

Tieva shoes come in children’s sizes as well as for adults. These running shoe type of Feelmax footwear are available in such basic colors as black and brown. There is no reason your children cannot enjoy the look and feel of true comfort from their shoes. Choose these for their look and the way they feel.

Feelmax Toe Socks

And of course, Feelmax still makes their original Feelmax toesocks! These socks come in all sorts of fun colors and designs. They are made of cotton and have a seamless fit to virtually any size foot. The socks form to your foot to make sure you remain comfortable. Use them every day for comfort and because they are just fun to wear.


by Julie-Ann Amos, professional writer, and owner of international writing agency

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      Thank you for introducing them to me. They are beautiful and look very practical.