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Feminine Pointed Power Shoes For Men

Updated on January 13, 2010

Men's shoes tend to have a bluntness about the toes which one assumes is supposed to be masculine or something. Blunt, dull, boring, staid, typical fashion associations made with the male sex. Some days looking at men's fashions is so depressing that I don't know why we don't just dress men in cardboard boxes and have done with it.

Fortunately, women's shoes seem to have discovered a use for both color and pointyness. (I say women's shoes, but you know I'm really referring to the designers of the shoes, because the shoes themselves, no matter how pretty they may be, are not sentient. If you hear your shoes talking to you, then you may be experiencing some kind of mental abnormality. Have a nice cup of tea and a sit down.)

All manner of women's shoes employ pointy toes, perhaps because women are regarded as being acute, sharp, dangerous, and decorated with things that could put your eye out. There's no reason, (aside from size,) that men can't wear women's shoes and enjoy the additional range of color and design that comes with them. Don't think that you have to wear heels if you don't want to either, there are plenty of charming flat shoe designs out there for men to slip their tootsies into.)

Size, is however, something of a problem even for women. You try getting a women's 9.5 size in stock online and you find yourself in a twilight zone of madness. Unless, of course, you go to a large American based shoe selling company like Zappos. Zappos stocks most women's shoe sizes up until 12, which is a men's 10.5. If your feet are less than 27.3 centimeters long, you are therefore, golden.

If you happen to have been blessed with larger feet, Zappos stocks up to a potential women's size 16, which should fit most men. Surely. Surely! The red shoes pictured in this article run up to size 16 and are manufactured by a company called 'Pleaser' who, just between you and me, probably makes these with men in mind.

Online shopping is your friend when it comes to discretely buying women's shoes, but don't let that dissuade you from going out and about and selecting shoes off the shelves. There is a distinct pleasure to be had in going out and hunting down a new pair of shoes. Women revel in it, and why should men not enjoy the same exhilaration of stalking down the streets, dashing into stores, poring over shelves and picking out their pointy shoe prey?


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    • Chris_S profile image

      Chris_S 8 years ago from Texas

      Another great Hub Hope! I feel the same about men's shoes. To me they are just boring and colorless and utilitarian.

      I'm fortunate to have small feet so shopping is easy for size 8.5 women's shoes. I started off buying online but finally decided that part of the fun was shopping in stores where I could try things on. It's so much more fun than online and I can shop all day long with my sister and try on shoes at the stores. Nobody even pays attention and I even get compliments sometimes from the female staff about my selections! Great fun indeed!

    • profile image

      ILoveLingerie 8 years ago

      those shoes look really nice and great article as usual!


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