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Feminine Sarong Dresses For Men

Updated on October 16, 2009
Fake, naughty cheating Sarong.
Fake, naughty cheating Sarong.
Fashionable Fashion Sarong.
Fashionable Fashion Sarong.
Vintage Hawaiian Sarong.
Vintage Hawaiian Sarong.

I have a confession to make. The sarong isn't even really technically a dress. It's probably more of a skirt, but it's not really a skirt either. It's more just a big piece of fabric that you wrap around yourself, kind of like a toga, but with fewer ancient Roman connections. Sarongs are popular among women and islander men because they are incredibly kick ass comfortable in a tropical environment and they don't require the co-operation of a factory full of children in China or Taiwan to manufacture.

You can even make your own sarongs simply by picking out some fabric you like, buying enough of the stuff to wrap around your body a minimum of one and a half times, and then hemming it to suit.

Sarongs usually have ties on them as well, so they don't fly open and fall down and whatnot, so you might want to appropriate some of the material for use as a tie as well.

Of course, if you like to buy your clothing rather than hurl endless sewing machines out the window because the thread tension is always wrong, (the thread tension is always wrong,) then there are plenty of sarongs which can be had quite cheaply from various Internet outlets. If you're worried about the coming cooler months, why not wear some stockings under your sarong.

Sarongs can be wrapped around your waist, they can be wrapped higher up over your chest, or in some cases, if a sneaky designer has cheated, they may even come with shoulder straps. They're perfect for wearing to the beach as they provide ample coverage from the sun which is trying to kill, kill us all with its mutation inducing UV Rays.

Sarongs have even been appropriated by fashion designers, and not those pretend fashion designers who are always freaking out on Project Runway, real fashion designers who definitely had enough time to make a real dress, but instead decided to take the sarong concept and make it all haute and couture.

But seriously. Sarongs are light, pretty, feminine and incredibly customizable. Unlike other pieces of women's clothing, it doesn't matter what size or shape you are when you wear a sarong, it is guaranteed to both fit and look great. This may actually be the perfect style of dress for men who like women's clothing.

Wear it long, wear it short, wear it as a skirt, wear it as a dress, wear it your way.


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    • profile image


      9 years ago

      If you like colorful clothing from tropical countries you might also like the offerings here -

      The company appears to be Canadian. I haven't bought anything from them (yet) since I wasn't able to get any information on them from requests for feedback I have posted on other sites.

    • profile image


      9 years ago

      The one on the picture in the middle looks tempting. I have no money to spare though :'(


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