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Fendi Handbags: 5 Fabulous Trends

Updated on February 29, 2008

It may surprise you to know that Fendi, which originates in Italy, is actually owned by the French company Louis Vuitton. Then again, you may have suspected as much, given how similar so many of their products are. Personally, I've never really cared much for Fendi in the past; I've always found most of their purses to be a bit over the top and tacky with the F's all over the place.

Between Gucci, Louis Vuitton and Fendi, you'd think pre-schoolers came up with their logos. And yet... grown women are willing to pay thousands for anything displaying these letters as repetitively as possible. And I say more power to you. If you have that kind of cash to burn, you are, quite simply, my latest hero. Cynicism aside, Fendi has started putting out some bags I like. Which means I find them to be... less tacky, at the very least. Some of them I even like a lot. These 5, for example. Even the logo-ish one.

Fendi B Bag

I am not a fan of baby blue, powder blue, or any other ambiguous type of blue you might imagine. I like my blue to be blue, if you know what I mean. But this color is somehow fabulous. I love it; it has an ethereal quality that brings The Lady of the Lake to mind. I suspect it has much to do with the patent leather material. (Or the fact that I'm extremely tired at the moment.)

Whatever the case may be, I would like to add this to my wishlist. Santa, please bring me one of these before I die. Preferably while I am still young enough to look good with it.

Cost: $1860

Fendi Mini Mama

I'm not sure what they were going for when they decided to call this a Mini Mama, but it looks pretty nifty, if you ask me. I could see Posh walking around in one of these, couldn't you?

Of course, hers would probably have diamonds stapled all over it, or some other type of fancy rocks you and I could never afford to buy, let alone purchase in bulk. I do like the patent leather look -- methinks it would go well with a matching pair of Mary Jane's. (Provided they were the kind you see on porn stars.)

Cost: $750

Fendi Box

I absolutely love the color of this little number. It comes with a chain-link strap type thingy, and can actually be worn over the shoulder, in case you don't want to carry it around. Which you may not want to do -- it's a bit difficult to schmooze and get drunk when you only have access to one hand.

Come to think of it, one-handedness makes a number of things more difficult, so the strap seems the logical way to go. Regardless, I love it; reminds me of a chicklet, somehow.

Cost: $1320

Fendi Boston Bag

I admit it, I like Boston bags, even when they have a logo stamped all over them. And I am particularly fond of the color of this one. I love pink when it's mixed with that... well, whatever that is.

Obviously, you can't sling this over your shoulder, so you'd have to be able to carry it round with you. It makes for elegant carrying though, doesn't it?

Cost: $800

Fendi Selleria

Of all the bags, this is the one I'd be most likely to use. I know, I said I wanted the first -- and I do -- but this one is the most low key and therefore the one Id be most inclined to use. That, and I love the style.

It comes in a number of colors, but I think it looks best in this one.

Cost: $1300


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    • profile image

      7 years ago

      Sorry, does not

    • profile image


      7 years ago

      LV doen not own Fendi

    • Isabella Snow profile imageAUTHOR

      Isabella Snow 

      10 years ago

      Glad you like it! :)

    • ajcor profile image


      10 years ago from NSW. Australia

      If you care for my rating of the Fendi bags I like the top one - all squishy and rich looking!


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