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Ferguson Crest Syrah

Updated on October 4, 2012

Ferguson Crest Syrah

Fergie's Ferguson Crest Syrah, sparkly, festive.

I know all you nail polish fiends out there are already up on the new line from Wet n' Wild featuring Fergie's face and fingers. She and her humps have put out some really slick new shades, and honestly the supply is raided at every discount and drug store I've seen that carries them. I did manage to snag the last bottle of Ferguson Crest Syrah (with a coupon, thanks for asking!).


This color is almost a deep berry. Under the florescent lights of the drug store, it had a slight holographic quality, seeming to roll from purple to a burnt umber.

Once I got it home, under halogen lighting, it's all very berry. While there's a ton of powdery glitter in it, this polish it is subtle until light hits it directly.


The application was smooth, it's a very dark polish and it self leveled like crazy.

Aftermy basecoat was dry, I applied one coat of the Ferguson Crest Syrah, and to my shock, ladies... that's all it took. It went on fast and dried quickly. If you're the type to notice ridges, you could use a ridge filler, or perhaps a second coat might even do the trick to smooth the nails.


How does it wear? I've had it on for 6 days now, zero chips and without any touch-ups, I'm only dealing with minimal tip wear.

On my nails it almost gives me a cherry cola vibe. It's purple with a perfect touch of red. This probably wouldn't be a color I'd rock in the spring or summer, but for Fall, Halloween and Thanksgiving, it's understated while being a bit festive, too.


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