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Fiber Optic High Heels | Anastasia Radevich Gets Kinetic

Updated on August 30, 2010
Why yes, that is the universe in my shoe...
Why yes, that is the universe in my shoe...

The Kinetic shoe range from Anastasia Radevich is just as at home gutting zombies in a post apocalyptic hellscape as it is adorning (and adoring) the feet of women who would probably mug you for a cheeseburger.

Kinetic is innovation. Kinetic is electricity. Kinetic is dark looks from a strange couple you've never seen before who claim to have moved into your building last month and keep coming over to borrow a cup of flour.

Instead of traditional platform heels, which simply involve clunking about the place wearing chunks of hardy rubber on your feet, Anastasia has made the high heels every woman really wants – heels that double as offensive weapons, and glow in the dark.

These are shoes that even the most die hard flat wearing woman would probably want to get her feet into. They're not just back breakingly hyper feminine, they're undeniably cool, and I don't use that word lightly. Indeed, this may actually be the very first time in over 1,000 articles on fashion in which I have actually used the word cool. That's how unbearably, mind alteringly stunning these shoes are.

If you've recently given up on your dreams of being a Lycra clad super heroine who flies through the air with the greatest of ease and battles bad guys and litterers, then don't be surprised if these shoes re-ignite your inner flame for great deeds of derring do. They are too exceptional to be stuck in the grind of repetitive, mundane activities. They cry out to be worn to a glittering occasion which will invariably be hijacked by rugged looking Russians who were never informed that the Cold War ended.

But seriously, it's not very often that a pair of high heels comes along that doesn't make me go into a Stepford Wives induced panic. It's not very often that a pair of high heels transcends traditional ideas of femininity and manages to add a definite edge without making one look thoroughly unfeminine in the process. Though these currently have limited distribution, we can but hope that Anastasia becomes a trendsetter, a fashion renegade, a footwear maverick, a moose hunting fashionista with a taste for leather. You get my drift.

You've probably never heard of Anastasia Radevich before, but it seems certain that if she doesn't lose the will to design shoes and spend the rest of her life fishing out of an ice hole in the Arctic, she will one day be a major influence in the world of things worth wearing.


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