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Yellow Finch Tattoos

Updated on August 6, 2015

Many people enjoy the peaceful, simplicity of birds. What better way to show that love of your furry friends by getting a tattoo. There is a massive and extensive variety of birds to choose from for your tattoo. The finch is a small, bright yellow bird that is extremely popular but pretty rare when it comes to tattoos. The majority of people who get bird tattoos, get them perched on a tree branch or most popular, in pretty flowers.

After you decide upon what your finch tattoo will look like, you must decide where you want it put on your body ! You also must decide upon the size of your tattoo as well. A lot of people like to make a statement with the tattoos that they get. Always remember, a tattoo is forever and you want to make sure to put it somewhere that 10 years down the road you'll still love. A lot of people don't think of this fact. You also want to think of the fact that some employers will not hire people who have visible tattoos. Just a couple things to keep in mind.

Pretty Finch Tattoo

Different Finch Tattoo

Cool Finch Tattoo

Neat Finch Tattoo

If you have never gotten a tattoo, be aware that there is a lot of detail in the feathers of any bird tattoo and this can be more painful than most people are aware. The technique is called shading. Of course, any tattoo is going to include some pain with the process. Most people love the idea of the tattoo they have picked out and don't care about the pain. Although something people aren't aware of is the fact that the healing process is more painful than getting the tattoo itself. Again, this is just part of the tattoo process.


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