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Find The Perfect Prom Dress - Sherri Hill Cocktail Dresses (2011) - Tiffany Designs and More

Updated on January 24, 2011

Best Prom Dresses (2011)

Finding the perfect Prom dress can be challenging and expensive. When you are dealing with teenaged hormones, low budgets and the latest fashion trends, it can be overall chaos and a splitting headache. The dress is only the beginning because once you get the perfect dress, you still have to get shoes, accessories etc. Prom dresses of 2011 are very trendy and stylish with a movie star or Emmy Awards appeal. The most popular Prom dress of 2011 (according to my own daughter's senior class) is the ever so sexy Cocktail dress that has been upgraded to meet every young ladies desires. They are a very stylish upgrade from the average ruffled ballroom gown that we might have worn as a teen.

I researched a lot of websites for the ultimate Prom dress and ran across a site that really made my eyes pop out of my head. It was They have every type of dress that you can imagine. You can find a dress for any occasion from an intimate holiday party to a large event at church. Cocktail dresses, Graduation dresses, Bridesmaids dresses, Club dresses and Formal gowns are just a small fraction of the apparel available on this delightful and helpful website. They even have Flower Girl dresses, Christmas dresses, Handbags, Red Carpet dresses, Wedding Guest dresses and so much much more.

One of the things that caught my eye was the star-studded looking gowns and dresses that would make even J-Lo or Katy Perry drop their mouths wide open. Not only do they have the latest Cocktail Prom dresses of 2011 but they upgrade their website every year with the latest trends and accessories. They even offer you the option to buy everything you need at one time. They do this by offering suggestions for each individual dress when it comes to handbags, accessories and shoes. Their accessory selection is unbelievable and they really do a swell job with pairing up these dresses to take the time and stress out of extra shopping. They also have Body Shapers to make everyone look their best without a doubt. Some of the best dress designers to checkout are Jovani, Sherri Hill, Terani, Tiffany Designs, Tadashi and Tony Bowls. They are highly stylish designs that any woman would die for.

Sherri Hill Cocktail Dress (2011)

Tips For Prom (2011)

This stress can be greatly reduced if you follow a few tips:

  • Start early. After February it is gonna be a madhouse in the stores and even with ordering online, they need your orders no later than the end of February just too guarantee that you get your dress by the end of March.
  • Try to purchase all accessories (Handbags, shoes, bracelets, chains, earrings etc.) at the same time if possible from the same store. This will help in the long run so that you don't forget a thing at the last minute. Plus it helps you match up the accessories better with the dress in hand. This is an exception when you order online unless of course the website provides the matching accessories for you.
  • Pick your hairstyle and nail colors after purchasing your dress so that you can pick the perfect style to compliment the make and style as well as the color.
  • Make sure you tailor the dress for any last minute adjustments. Ain't nothing worst then putting your dress on an hour before the prom and then it does not even fit the proper way.
  • Make sure you learn the proper size to order when ordering online. Some dresses run big and some run small. When you check out,  they actually have a chart that helps you measure and pick the proper size for you.  Remember, even if it doesn't fit perfect, it can always be altered.
  • Always use Body Shapers so that you can have a super sexy fit without having to worry all night about this falling out of there etc.
  • Have fun and be safe and the night should go very smoothly.


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