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Find the Best Orange Blossom or Neroli Perfume

Updated on September 8, 2011

Orange Scents in Nature

White flowers are important in the making of fine perfumes. There’s jasmine, tuberose, and lily of the valley to name but a few. Whether sweet, powdery, heady, pungent, or piercing, they are a heavenly part of many memorable fragrances. And then there is orange blossom. Though we think of orange blossoms as traditional wedding flowers, they are increasingly a part of many pleasing fragrance compositions. Fragrance creators have put orange blossoms in single-essence perfumes, or more often made them a part of wonderful blends.

Neroli is one type of orange blossom scent. Known as the bitter orange or Seville orange, it comes from the Citrus aurantium tree. Neroli tends to be dry, green, woody or dusty. It often lends a crispness and sharpness to compositions.

The true orange blossom, on the other hand, comes from the species Citrus sinensis, from which we get everyone’s favorite citrus fruit. Orange blossoms from this tree smell softer and more delicately floral than neroli. Orange blossoms have many times appeared in wedding bouquets and head wreaths, but they are used in perfumery and aroma therapy as well.

Bride Wearing Orange Blossoms


Orange Blossom You Can't Forget

Many people are enchanted to get a whiff of orange blossoms on the air. They remember visiting Florida or New Orleans, and the intoxicating citrus fragrance continues to haunt them. Some wish they could capture the scent forever. Well, they can, with the right perfume. And neroli and orange blossom are often included in both men and women’s fragrances.

A Few Orange Scents

Boucheron has lemon, bergamot, orange blossom, and basil as top notes. Geranium, iris, and tuberose as middle notes. And vanilla in the base notes. A big, elegant fragrance. The fragrance bottle is meant to symbolize a ring, and it was created as a tribute to Parisian goldsmiths.

24 Faubourg, from Hermes, was formerly worn by Princess Diana. Floral oriental. Classy, sophisticated, formal. Amber base. Has woody notes. Guaranteed to get noticed. There are probably only one or two places in the big metropolis where I live that carry this fragrance. You are very fortunate to see this offered on Amazon.  So try it!

Tsi-La has 100% natural and organic ingredients. Contains the essence of neroli, orange blossoms, honey, vanilla, orchids, and tangerines. Contains no alcohol and no synthetic fragrances or colors. Are you a person who gets congested at the slightest waft of a perfume entering your nostrils? Do most fragrances give you a headache when you wear them? If so, this is the one for you. There are so few fragrances out there that don't have synthetic ingredients.

Orange Blossoms

Wikimedia Commons
Wikimedia Commons

Annick Goutal has some nice presentations that are very feminine and light fragrances. Simple, exhilarating, and uplifting, meant to be a single-note rendering of classic neroli.

Serge Lutens has a blend of tuberose, jasmine, and orange blossom. Tiny bits of citrus and spice (cumin and nutmeg) are incorporated into some of their fabulous compositions.

Miss Dior Cherie will definitely get attention. Fragrance fans will also disagree which notes in this fragrance are stand-outs. It is included here because on a sample card I have, the label reads "sweet orange essence, neroli essence, patchouli essence." On the Dior web site, the perfume is described as a chypre, with notes both citrusy and jasmine, and with a heart of patchouli. Definitely sweet, and as it dries down, more of the "chypre" comes out. Almost a nutty sweetness, I think. The perfume is certainly strong enough for evening wear, and seemed to demand I notice it when I was wearing samples of 3 different perfumes on my arms.

Citrus is Heavenly

Now you know the path to the perfect orange blossom perfume. There are many other, similar fragrances, and I profiled one of them in my previous hub about Hove'.

If you have a penchant for citrus in your fragrances, you are not alone. Such fragrances have a place in the heart of many light-hearted people. Your orange essence may be evanescent, or it may be part of a heavier blend, but it's always lovely, and it's always you. You, the lover of white flowers.


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